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The Bears Den: November 23, 2015 - Chicago Bears news and updates

The Bears lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, and will turn right around and face the Green Bay Packers on Thursday. Come get caught up on the latest updates from Halas Hall.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While the rest of the country gets ready for the holidays and all the cheerfulness that come with them, the Chicago Bears will be doubling down on practice this week getting ready to face division rival Green Bay on Thursday night.

The Bears are coming off a tough loss to the Denver Broncos, and unless something miraculous happens, there won't be a playoff berth for John Fox in his first year as head coach.

To be fair, though, he's gotten just about as much out of this team as anyone could have imagined.  The schemes are there, the players have bought in, but at the end of the day they are so severely lacking at many critical positions on the roster and just don't have the ability to execute consistently week in and week out.  So far, I'd say this season has been a success.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines:

- The Bears fell just short of establishing themselves as a good team. (LINK)

- The one true storyline on Sunday that actually mattered. (LINK)

- Ka'Deem Carey suffered a concussion during the Bears loss to the Broncos. (LINK)

- The Bears had a very slim margin of error versus the Broncos, and it showed. (LINK)

- Sunday was the Bears first game without a penalty since 1995. (LINK)

- Being short on offense kept the Bears from finding a rhythm against the Broncos. (LINK)

- Marquess Wilson up; Martellus Bennett down in Bears loss on Sunday. (LINK)

- John Fox is so conservative he has his own cable news network. (LINK)

- The Bears new kick returner did alright on Sunday. (LINK)

- Red zone has been dead zone for the Chicago Bears. (LINK)

- Bears repeating a deadly pattern in loss to the Broncos. (LINK)

- Bears defensive line gets a 'C' grade from Moon Mullin. (LINK)

Stay tuned to WCG as the day rolls along for continued Chicago Bears coverage...