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Should the Chicago Bears consider Colin Kaepernick?

The Chicago Bears know what they have in Jay Cutler as their quarterback-- should the consider Colin Kaepernick in their future?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Jay Cutler has played great football this season under offensive coordinator Adam Gase, possibly the best football of his career. While the statistics aren't mind-blowing, Cutler has managed to keep Chicago in football games when they had no business being in them, and has played with a rhythm and focus that we haven't seen since he was traded to Chicago in 2009.

Cutler also has an incredibly ridiculous contract, one that would be hard for the Chicago Bears to carry beyond 2016. And the only reason they are likely to do even that is because his 2016 salary ($16,000,000) is already fully guaranteed.

So the Bears will be at a cross-road sooner than later, and have undoubtedly already done plenty of homework on every possible draft pick and active quarterback in the NFL. But I wonder what they think of Colin Kaepernick...

In taking a look at Colin Kaepernick's two complete season in the league-- 2013 and 2014-- you'll see a guy who had success.

2013: 3,197 passing yards, 21 TD, 8 INT | 524 yards rushing, 4 TD

2014: 3,369 passing yards, 19 TD, 10 INT | 639 yards rushing, 1 TD

Kaepernick has postseason experience, and athleticism like few in the league. He also has some very public challenges with the San Francisco 49ers' current front office and coaching staff, and regardless of how screwed up that franchise is, a lot of the drama falls right on Kap's shoulders.

Is his fall simply a result of the dysfunction in San Francisco?  Or is it more tied to his prima donna attitude?

Kaepernick, just like any young person, will eventually have an opportunity to start over. He'll eventually have the opportunity to mature and grow as a person and as a leader, but will he take it?

Kap has been placed on season-ending IR for a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder, and the Niners will be looking to move him in the offseason. If his very large contract prevents him from being traded, they could consider flat out cutting him.

So with all the if's floating out there-- let's throw another scenario out there:

Should the Bears consider trading Jay Cutler straight up for Colin Kaepernick? Kaepernick is five years younger than Cutler, and needs a fresh start. His upside potential is very real, and has all the tools to be a great NFL quarterback. But he needs a fresh start, and will have to be put back together again.

It's a wild scenario, but big trades happen in the league every single season.

Is this too crazy to consider?