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Chicago Bears Approval Rating, Week 11: John Fox

Vote below on whether you approve or disapprove of John Fox as head coach of the Chicago Bears!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have been on a roller coaster this season... After starting the season with three straight losses, they won two straight, then lost two, then won two, and are now back to losing one.  It's been a bit rough on the blood pressure, to say the least.

Last weekend's loss to the Denver Broncos was tough, especially considering the Bears showed that they could have absolutely won that football game.  And this week's won't be any easier, with a quick turnaround versus the Green Bay Packers-- on the road-- on Thanksgiving night.

So how is John Fox holding up?  He's preparing for the next team up on the list, and having to get everything ready for division rival Green Bay on a short week.  This will be a tough one, but after that they will have a couple extra day on the other side of things to rest and recover.

So how do you think John Fox's Approval Rating will fall this week?  You can click HERE for previous week's ratings... Please cast your vote below.