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Chicago Bears Sackwatch: Breaking down the sacks allowed vs the Denver Broncos

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Every week I'll break down the sacks allowed by the Chicago Bears in my Sackwatch series and I'll keep a running team and individual total. This week they had 2 sacks allowed agaisnt the best defense in the NFL, the Denver Broncos.

Even with their sack leader, DeMarcus Ware, missing the game for the Denver Broncos, the Chicago Bears' pass protection had a lot of concerns facing a team that had compiled a league leading 32 sacks heading into the game. Including Ware, there were 12 different Broncos that had their hand in a sack before facing Chicago, but now that number has climbed to 13 after Derek Wolfe's 1st quarter take down on Jay Cutler.

All things considered, I thought the Bears did a decent job in pass protection. They did allow the 2 sacks and the Broncos were credited with 5 QB hits, but Cutler was able to escape most of the pressure on the afternoon. The reason he was able to maneuver around the pocket with relative ease was because most of the pressure was coming from the same place. Right tackle Kyle Long didn't allow a sack, but he had his hands full with Von Miller most of the day.

Long had to deal with moves and counter moves from the relentless Miller, and his biggest struggle was when Miller charged hard outside then quickly tried dipping back under Long's pass set. Long no doubt hit the film room this week and he will continue to improve at tackle.

Let's take a look at where the Bears stand when compared to recent Bear offenses in...

Sackwatch after 10 games

2010 - 37 Martz
2011 - 23 Martz
2012 - 34 Tice
2013 - 16 Trestman
2014 - 24 Trestman
2015 - 18 Gase

Sack 17 - First Quarter 7:37 Derek Wolfe
The Bears were coming out in a no huddle in hopes of catching Denver's D off guard, but it looked like the only player confused was Chicago right guard Patrick Omameh. Denver rushed 4 against Chicago's 5 offensive lineman and only Omameh lost his block.

Omameh inexplicably drops his head, which in turn causes him to lunge at Wolfe (#95). I honestly have no idea what he was thinking on this play. He doesn't get into pass blocking position nor is he in position to run block. This is about as piss-poor an attempt at a block that you'll ever see.

Check out Kyle Long at right tackle. His initial pass set isn't as erect as it should be, but he has the athleticism to mirror his man, get his hands up, then shove the defender past the pocket.

Sack 18 - Fourth Quarter 2:30 Von Miller
This play was originally ruled an interception, but changed to a strip/sack later on Sunday. After working against Long most of the day, Von Miller was flipped over to the face left tackle Charles Leno. Must like the first sack allowed, the Bears pass pro held up everywhere except one spot.

Leno does a decent job initially with his set, he has a good angle, he gets his hands up quickly, but Miller is just a real good pass rusher. Miller kept working til he got the edge, then he turned the corned and lunged at Cutler. One big shove, like what Long did on the first sack, might have been enough to push Miller past the pocket, but Miller had good balance as he stuck his right foot in the ground and leaped at Jay.

This sack allowed is on Leno, but I thought he had one of his better games this year against Denver. He's making a very good case that he should be the left tackle of the future.

Here's how I have the Sackwatch after 10 games.

Sacks Happen - 4
Kyle Long - 3.34
Charles Leno Jr. - 3.33
Vlad Ducasse - 2.33
Matt Slauson - 1.5
Jermon Bushrod - 1
Patrick Omameh - 1
Hroniss Grasu - .5
Matt Forte - .5
Jay Cutler - .5

What are your thoughts on the Sackwatch this week?