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Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for continued coverage of the Bears vs Packers contest!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 14

Green Bay Packers 13


The Chicago Bears have made a football game out of this, and are finding ways to stay competitive with the Green Bay Packers. After a few drives on offense that resulted in little to no production, they got something going in the 2nd quarter.

After allowing the Packers to move the ball and score early on, the defense toughened up and made some good stops.

Special teams is still an issue, but John Fox, Adam Gase, and Vic Fangio are doing a great job of scheming and making adjustments on both sides of the ball, and are right now out-coaching a Packers team that is much better from a talent perspective.

So far, so good on the road, on a short week, in cold and rain... The Bears are fighting.

Can they keep it going into the 2nd half? Stay tuned...

This is your Bears vs Packers 3rd quarter Open Thread-- Have fun!