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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Patriots vs Broncos

Join us below for what should be a great game between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are arguably the best team in the NFL. Their 10-0 record indicates as much, and only the Carolina Panthers can be in the same argument from a record standpoint.

Of course, a team's record is not the only indicator of being great, but the Patriots are truly playing like there is no one in the league that can touch them.

Before we go ahead and anoint them as AFC champs, though, the Denver Broncos would like a shot.  The Broncos are 8-2, and are currently taking Brock Osweiler out for at least a few game test drive. Osweiler looked good in his NFL debut last week versus the Chicago Bears, and you can bet he'll be eager to square off against a team many believe to be unbeatable.

The Broncos might have an edge, though, as wide receiver Danny Amendola is nursing a knee injury, and won't play for New England this week.

Can the Broncos pull it off, or will the Patriots keep their streak alive?

This is your Sunday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!