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The Bears Den: November 3, 2015 - Chicago Bears news and notes

Join us inside for the latest news out of Halas Hall!

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are 2-5 after the first half of the season, and while they aren't mathematically eliminated from making the playoffs this year, it seems very unlikely. Especially considering the fact that they've played three division games so far this season, and have dropped all three of them.

If you look at the current standings, you'll see that the Falcons wold get the #1 Wild Card spot if the playoffs started today, and the Vikings would get the #2 spot.  I've said since the preseason that if the 2nd place team in the NFC North can get to at least 9 wins, that should be good enough for the playoffs this year, so at least from a numbers perspective, the Bears are still in it.

But it certainly isn't likely.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines...

- The Bears may be looking to sign Montee Ball if Matt Forte gets sidelined. (LINK)

- John Fox reflects on narrow loss to the Minnesota Vikings. (LINK)

- I'm not really sure what this article is about. (LINK)

- The Bears hope Ziggy Hood is ready to go by the next game versus the Chargers. (LINK)

- Brad Biggs looks at the game tape and sheds some light on what happened versus the Vikings. (LINK)

- Jay Cutler's trade value is on the rise. (LINK)

- 10 good observations on the Bears loss to the Vikes. (LINK)

- 5 takeaways from the Bears loss to the Vikes. (LINK)

- Bears vs Vikings: Snap counts, stats, and more. (LINK)

Stay tuned for more coverage from WCG as the day rolls along...