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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Josh McCown starting for Ravens versus Browns

Join us below for all your live MNF action!

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Certainly at some point when the NFL schedule was being made, the thought had to have been that Joe Flacco and Johnny Manziel would be going head-to-head in Monday Night Football tonight.

But boy oh boy how things have changed.  Manziel has been demoted to 3rd string quarterback after going out and boozing it up a couple months after admitting he had an alcohol problem and seeking treatment-- and promising the team once again that he was going to stay away from the booze-- and Joe Flacco has been lost to injury for the first time in his eight year career with a knee injury.

So who will the quarterbacks be? Josh McCown for the Browns (yikes!) versus Matt Shaub for the Ravens (yikes!), with Jimmy Clausen as the #2 in Baltimore (YIKES YIKES YIKES!).

So needless to say, this game will still be entertaining, albeit for non-traditional reasons.

This is your Monday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!