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Jon Gruden says the Bears "don't have any wins without Jay Cutler"

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears travel to face the San Diego Chargers this week on Monday Night Football, so ESPN's Jon Gruden was talking about the match-up this morning on ESPN Radio with Mike and Mike. He was asked if he thinks Jay Cutler will still be the Bears quarterback a year or two down the road, when they are ready to be a legitimate playoff contender.

Here's what he said,

"Based on what I've seen, it's 37-34, they lose to the Lions in overtime. He did plenty in that game to win. He brought them back from down 17-6 in Arrowhead to beat the Chiefs late in the 4th quarter. They need to get Kevin White, their rookie first-round draft choice, out there at wide receiver. He's a game changer. The offensive line needs to get healthy, but from what I've seen on tape — they don't have any wins without Jay Cutler."

You can check out the clip in the tweet below.

Gruden isn't the only NFL color analyst that has nice things to say about Chicago's quarterback. Yesterday on an NFL conference call, CBS Sports' Phil Simms had this to say about Cutler when asked how he felt Cutler was doing and if he'd be the Bears' QB next year.

He will be the quarterback, in my opinion, there next year for many reasons. His play, what are you going to do? Draft somebody and try to start over and see if that works out with John Fox? He's done a tremendous job with the football team.

Also the biggest reason, Adam Gase, the offense he's going to run, how he teaches it, it fits Jay Cutler. In other words, it's not we're just going to keep dropping back and, Jay, you read the defense and make this decision. It reminds me a little more of the Mike Shanahan offense in Denver where he was going to put an emphasis on running the football, doing different things and keeping the defense off balance. Not just making the quarterback be a decision-maker every time he drops back there and make it tough.

Physically, been very impressed with the way he's played. I think I've seen just about every game, and his decision-making has been very, very good also. Not taking near the chances throwing the football that I saw him take last year.

Is there a pro-Cutler shift going on with the national media?

What are your thoughts on whet these two guys had to say about Cutler?