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The Bears Den: November 5, 2015 - Chicago Bears news and notes

Join us inside for the latest Chicago Bears headlines!

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Many football fans and historians say that the best Monday Night Football game ever played was the Chicago Bears vs Miami Dolphins in December of 1985-- this was the undefeated Bears strolling into Miami to take on the Dan Marino-led offense.

The Dolphins ended up handing Chicago their first and only loss of the season, as Marino threw three touchdowns and led his team to a 38-24 victory. It didn't matter though... Chicago still went on to win the Super Bowl a few weeks later.

This coming Monday won't be as exciting, but hopefully Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers still provide us with some entertaining television.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines...

- Can Jeremy Langford carry the load for the Chicago Bears? (LINK)

- Lamarr Houston is hungry to get opportunities on the field. (LINK)

- How do Lamarr Houston and Willie Young fit into the Bears pass rush? (LINK)

- The Bears have the 3rd-easiest remaining schedule in the league. (LINK)

- A gallery of 1985 Chicago Bears fans. It's from the Sun-Time website, so be patient. (LINK)

- A San Diego-based website previews the Chicago Bears. (LINK)

- A Chicago-based website previews the Chargers. (LINK)

- Can players and coached remain focused and invested with the season skidding? (LINK)

- A good preview of the Bears vs Chargers game. (LINK)

That's all for now... Stay tuned for more Chicago Bears coverage as the day rolls along!