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NFL Week 9 Open Thread: Go Panthers!

Join us for live discussion for today's NFL games!

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers don't play until Monday night, but there are some good games on the docket for today that will keep us entertained.


- Green Bay Packers (6-1) vs Carolina Panthers (7-0)

- St. Louis Rams (4-3) vs Minnesota Vikings (5-2)

- Oakland Raiders (4-3) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4)

- Miami Dolphins (3-4) vs Buffalo Bills (3-4)

- Washington Redskins (3-4) vs New England Patriots (7-0)

- Tennessee Titans (1-7) vs New Orleans Saints (4-4)


- Atlanta Falcons (6-2) vs San Francisco 49ers (2-6)

- New York Giants (4-4) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4)

- Denver Broncos (7-0) vs Indianapolis Colts (3-5)


- Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) vs Dallas Cowboys (2-5)


Join us below for live discussion, and let us all be Panthers fans for the day... Beat the Pack!

This is your NFL Week 9 Open Thread-- Have fun!