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Chicago Bears vs San Diego Chargers 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for continued action of tonight's MNF game!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are moving the football on offense, but their first two drives ended unfortunately-- the first with a Robbie Gould missed field goal, which still doesn't make any sense, and the second with a strip/ sack of Jay Cutler that resulted in a turnover.

On the other side of the ball, Philip Rivers is teeing off against a youthful and inexperienced Chicago Bears defense, and is moving the ball at will.

After one quarter, the Chicago Bears are down 0-7, with San Diego moving the ball during their second possession.

As Jon Gruden said, the Bears are moving the football, but can't finish the drive.

Can the Bears figure something out and stay in this game versus the Chargers? Both Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers are looking good.

Also, the rookie Jeremy Langford looks solid so far in his first start of his career.

This is your Monday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!