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Video: Jeremy Langford makes great catch versus San Diego Chargers

The Chicago Bears rookie makes a heckuva play in his first career NFL start.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Forte is sidelined with a right knee injury, and his heir-apparent in Chicago, rookie Jeremy Langford, is getting his first career start on Monday Night football versus the San Diego Chargers.

The Chicago Bears feel good about having Langford as the #2 running back behind Matt Forte, and for all intents and purposes, he will take over once Forte hangs up the cleats.  How soon that will be remains up in the air, but Langford is making the most of his opportunity so far in his first start.

Case in point:

While Forte is having an incredibly solid year, and could have even been in All-Pro discussions before his knee injury, there is no timeline on his return. Until then, Langford will be there to carry the load. So far, so good.

Will the rookie running back make a push to unseat Matt Forte sooner rather than later?

Stay tuned...