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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Josh Norman for DPOY? The Chiefs are on Fire! Tracy Porter in the Pro Bowl?

It's that time again, time for Kev's favorite weekly article here on WCG!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

1) Let's all just pump the brakes on anointing Brock Osweiler as the next big thing. ESPN has even taken to calling him "The Brockweiler."

Sure the Denver Broncos are 2-0 with him under center, sure he seems to be a better fit in Gary Kubiak's offense, and yes his 93.9 passer rating in his first two games as a starting quarterback is impressive.

He's a good story, but he's also playing on a team that has an awesome defense and a running game that can make things easier for a young quarterback. Last week against the Bears they put up a season high 170 yards rushing, then on Sunday night against the New England Patriots they went for 179.

A good running game, coupled with a good defense is the best way to bring along a young quarterback. Osweiler holds the ball too long (11 sacks in less than 2 and a half games), he sometimes struggles working through his reads and he needs to grasp the game manager role while the other two phases of the team carries Denver to wins.

But with that being said, I don't think the Broncos should go back to Peyton Manning (if he returns) unless Osweiler starts losing games.

2) New England's Tom Brady was pretty confident heading into Denver, check out his Facebook post from Sunday before their game with the Broncos.

8:30pm #SNF #letsgoooooo

Posted by Tom Brady on Sunday, November 29, 2015

To which the Denver Broncos' Facebook replied after the game,

Clever Facebook post, Tom Brady.But we've made an edit after tonight's win:

Posted by Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 29, 2015

3) With the Patriots losing, that leaves the Carolina Panthers as the only undefeated team in the NFL. The Panthers destroyed Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving and they may have the most complete team in the NFL. They have a good running game, a big play QB, solid special teams and one of the best defenses in the league.

3a) Is there a more unlikely Defensive Player Of The Year candidate than Carolina corner Josh Norman? He went from being inactive in nine of their final 13 games in 2013 to arguably the best cornerback in the game today.

Besides that ridiculous passer rating number above, he also has 2 forced fumbles and 4 interceptions this season.

Not bad for a 5th round draft pick out of Coastal Carolina.

4) If the Panthers are the hottest team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs may be the next hottest. After narrowly losing to the Minnesota Vikings on October 18th, the Chiefs have won 5 straight. Quarterback Alex Smith, who is often knocked for being too conservative, hasn't turned the ball over since September 28th.

Their defense has led the charge during the 5 game winning streak, allowing 12.2 points per game and getting 14 turnovers in the stretch.

So after opening up with a win, K.C. then lost 5 straight before winning 5, and now at 6-5 they are currently sitting in one of the AFC Wildcard spots. With Oakland twice, San Diego, Baltimore and Cleveland left on the schedule, the Chiefs could be riding high heading into the postseason.

5) Another team getting hot after a middling start is the Seattle Seahawks. They are 4-1 in their last five to climb into the final NFC Wildcard spot. Their D is starting to get their swagger back and Russell Wilson has been on fire the last two weeks.

Losing TE Jimmy Graham for the season will obviously hurt, but if rookie running back Thomas Rawls can keep the running game relevant, Wilson should be able to keep the offense afloat.

6) Matt Millen ran the Detroit Lions for 7 full seasons (2001 to 2007) and 3 games into an 8th before being fired. During his reign they were an awful 31-84. The stink of Millen was still on the franchise all through 2008 and they limped to a winless record. They ween't much better in 2009, as they went 2-14.

At least Millen realized he was in over his head.

I think even some Bears' fans felt bad for their franchise during those years.

7) I'll just put this right here.

If you take what Lewis said at face value, it is good advice.

8) The Indianapolis Colts (winners of 3 straight) and Houston Texans (winners of 4 straight) are both getting hot, so we may not see a losing record win the AFC South, but the NFC East may not be as lucky. No one wants to take control of that division.

I really thought the Cowboys, with a healthy Tony Romo, would jump up and wrangle that division away, but now it looks like either the Giants or Redskins (both 5-6) will hold of the 4-7 Eagles.

8a) Would you believe there's a rumor heating up that would see the Eagles trade head coach Chip Kelly to the Tennessee Titans? The move would reunite Kelly with Marcus Mariota, his QB from their time at Oregon.

Kelly went 20-12 his first two years as a coach in the NFL, but the wheels are coming off this year with Kelly in charge of player personnel. If the Titans do make a move to acquire Kelly, I'll bet his GM'ing days are over.

9) Since taking over for Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert hasn't been all that bad. The 49ers are 1-2 since the switch, but Gabbert has put up a 91.0 passer rating, while completing 65.3% of his passes.

We'll have to wait and see if the Niners view Gabbert as "The Guy" moving forward, but if he keeps playing decent football, they'll probably be comfortable with him in 2016 with a cap hit of just $2,250,000.

10) Did anyone think Tracy Porter was anything more than some veteran training camp insurance when the Chicago Bears signed him his offseason?

Now the corner is being talked up as a potential Pro Bowler.

This was after the Bears lost to the Denver Broncos.

And Porter kept up his stellar play against the Packers on Thanksgiving night.

Porter will turn 30 next August so it remains to be seen if the Bears will be willing to roll the dice on him with a contact extension after his 1 year deal expires. General Manager Ryan Pace may want to keep one of John Fox's guys around.

This guy gave me my next opportunity in Denver, and could have washed his hands with me after my health issues there. But when everyone thought I was washed up and my career was over, he stuck with me and brought me to Chicago because he saw something that others didn't. Which is why he is one of the GREATEST football minds in the game and why I love playing for him. #Salute #RespecttoYouCoachFox #BearDown

What some of your NFL Thoughts this week?