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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Vikings vs Cardinals

Join us below for all your TNF action!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There's a chance-- albeit a small one-- that the Chicago Bears can make the playoffs. They'll have to win out, and get a LOT of help along the way. The type of help that includes highly unlikely meltdowns by NFC teams in a conference where the Bears have only won a couple of games.

One of the things that need to happen is the Minnesota Vikings losing out, as they currently sit at 8-4, tied with the Packers, and currently seeded at the #5 slot in the conference. The Packers are seeded at 3rd.

Tonight, the Vikings take on the red-hot Arizona Cardinals, and this game will help shape the NFC playoff picture a lot better.

The Bears won't necessarily be mathematically eliminated with a Vikings loss, but it would help a whole lot more than it would hurt.

So tonight, we can be Arizona fans.

This is your TNF Open Thread... Have fun!