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Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below as our live coverage continues!

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 7

Washington Redskins 14


After a rough first quarter, the Chicago Bears showed a little sign of fight in the second. The defense made a couple good plays, and the offense found a little bit of rhythm. Notice though, there aren't any serious platitudes thrown in that description. The Bears are, at the end of the day, working with a roster that is devoid of talent in many positions on both sides of the ball, and lack depth in many other.

At this point, they might as well be playing for pride because this is not a playoff caliber football team as has been discussed in the last few weeks.

With that said, we'll keep it moving.

Soldier Field is still rocking, and plenty of football to be played today. Go Bears.

This is your Chicago Bears versus Washington Redskins 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun, and Bears Down!