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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Khalil Mack is a Bad Man! Will New York have a playoff team? Russell Wilson, Pocket Passer?

I got some Thoughts on the NFL and you should read them.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1) What is it about the pro quarterbacks in the state of Ohio? Cleveland's Johnny Manziel, who just got the starting job back a week after being demoted for knuckleheaded behavior, signed a hundred dollar bill "Money Manziel" for a fan before their game against the 49ers. While not a big deal in the usual Johnny Football shenanigans, SB Nation does point out that technically it's a federal crime.

Cincinnati back up QB AJ McCarron, who filled in for Andy Dalton after he broke his thumb, actually referenced the day Tom Brady came in for Dew Bledsoe. While he didn't specifically compare himself to Tom Brady, he kinda did.

2) Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman had Jimmy Clausen throw 40 passes in an NFL game and for the first time in his NFL career he went over 200 passing yards in a single game.

How did the Ravens feel about Clausen's game filling in for the injured Joe Flacco? They went out and signed Ryan Mallett. Yes Ryan "I blew off a team meeting and missed the flight to my game" Mallett.

3) If you looked at the list of NFL scores this week and saw the Jacksonville Jaguars spanked the Indianapolis Colts 51-16, you'd only know half the story. Because in the first half of that game the Jags were losing 13-9. In the 2nd half Jacksonville exploded with 42 points. Jags QB Blake Bortles looks like the real deal.

4) Like many people, I think the Carolina Panthers are a great story, but I also think most of us feel just like Greg Olsen does about the Dab.

4a) Why do some adults always try and get their hands on balls at sporting events?

Man Rule: You catch a football, baseball, bat, hockey puck or whatever, you give it to a kid. Every single time.

5) Khalil Mack had 5 sacks yesterday against the Denver Broncos, all in the 2nd half, and he displayed a plethora of ways to get to the QB.

This one was probably my favorite.

The Raiders have a lot of young talent.

6) If the season ended today the New York Jets would be in the playoffs. Which means that wide out Brandon Marshall would finally see some postseason action. Marshall has had a fantastic season in his first year in New York and yesterday he went over 100 yards receiving for an 8th time this year, a new career high.

7) With as much flack as the NFC East has received these last few weeks, the New York Giants are keeping it interesting with their win last night. They have the NFC South champion Panthers this week, and Carolina may be due for a let down. Then they travel to Minnesota and host the Eagles week 17. Tom Couglin has found a way to rally his team in the past and Eli Manning is quietly having a very good season.

8) How's that Russell Wilson can't be a pocket passer narrative doing these days?

From SB Nation:

Russell Wilson's line the last four games has been better than any quarterback in the NFL. He's 89-of-118 (75.4-percent) for 1,170 yards (at 9.9 yards per attempt) with 16 touchdowns, no picks, and an incredible 145.8 rating (plus a rushing touchdown just for fun).


9) While the Chicago Bears have a need on the offensive line, especially at right guard, the Dallas Cowboys just seem to make all the right moves.

Collins was an undrafted free agent with 1st round talent after being "linked" to a double homicide, but the Cowboys took a chance on him. He lost million by falling out of the draft, but if he can stay healthy, he'll no doubt cash in once his rookie deal expires.

If that above block looks impressive, don't forget about this one from a month ago.

Collins takes out a couple of All Pros with ease on that play.

10) Pro Football Focus has ranked the Top 8 Late Round or Undrafted Players This Season that have outperformed their perceived draft value. The Chicago Bears had a guy on that list.

4. Adrian Amos, SS, Chicago Bears, 80.5
Draft Position: Round 5, Pick 142

Amos, the only Day 3 pick ranked on PFF's Rookie of the Year watch last week, has been the rare case of a Day 3 pick entering the lineup opening day. Even more rare, no player has played more snaps this season for Chicago on defense than the rookie safety out of Penn State. While his performances against the pass have been a little uneven, he's been a positively-graded defender against the run 10 of 13 weeks, and PFF's highest-graded rookie safety overall (+5.3).

I think Amos has proven that he has no fear when filling the running lanes from his safety position, but I'd like to see him become more active as a pass defender. He has the speed and his ball skills are better than he's shown so far. I think Amos is a guy still learning the intricacies of safety after playing all over the secondary in college and I'm excited to see him grow up as a player.

10a) Robbie Gould fans...

10b) Do you guys realize that the Bears are still technically alive for the 6th playoff seed?


What are some of your Thoughts on the NFL this last week?