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NFL power Rankings and Projected 2016 Draft Order: The Chicago Bears are almost a Top 10 team

Every week we'll peek in around the interwebs to see where the Chicago Bears are ranked in the eyes of the various Power Rankers out there.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another heartbreaking loss for the Chicago Bears. In consecutive weeks the Bears allowed the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins to get their first road victory of the season. The Bears are struggling at home this year and it simply makes no sense. In their last 17 games at Soldier Field, the Bears are 3-14.

Before we get into some Power Rankings, lets take a peek at the current projected NFL Draft order from SB Nation.

1. Tennessee Titans: 3-10 (.495 strength of schedule)
2. San Diego Chargers: 3-10 (.524 SOS)
3. Cleveland Browns: 3-10 (.529 SOS)
4. Baltimore Ravens: 4-9 (.514 SOS)
5. Detroit Lions: 4-9 (.529 SOS)
6. San Francisco 49ers: 4-9 (.534 SOS)
7. Dallas Cowboys: 4-9 (.543 SOS)
8. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-8 (.466 SOS)
9. Miami Dolphins: 5-8 (.476 SOS)
10. New Orleans Saints: 5-8 (.514 SOS)
11. Chicago Bears: 5-8 (.524 SOS - 2-7 in conference)
12. St. Louis Rams: 5-8 (.524 SOS - 4-5 in conference)

Lat night's loss by the Dolphins knocked the Bears out of the top 10, but there's still three more weeks to go for those of you rooting for a high draft pick.

Sticking with SB Nation for Power Rankings, they have the Bears dropping 3 spots to 19th.

Bleeding Green Nation has it like so,

21) Chicago Bears (LW: 16) - It's time for a new kicker in Chicago. Nothing Robbie Gould can stay.

Not sure what they were going with on that one, but I agree the Bears need to start considering their 2016 place kicker options.

Canal Street Chronicles has the Bears ranked like this,

16. Chicago Bears (5-8, Previously #12) - With that loss, the Bears playoff hopes are essentially extinguished. Even if they can't make a run themselves, the Bears have a chance to play spoiler to rival Minnesota this Sunday. Chicago has played well at times this season, and have done so without first round draft pick WR Kevin White. Having the combination of Jeffrey and White for Cutler to go along with emerging RB Jeremy Langford should have the Bears feeling good about the offensive side, going into next season.

I'm a fan of Langford, but did you realize he's only averaging 3.5 yards per carry?

The Mile High Report has the Bears at number 21.

Record 6-6. Jay Cutler actually had a good day. 300 yards and a pair of touchdowns. They still lost to the Redskins though. You have to be able to pull it all together for 60 minutes to win a game Foxy Bear. You also need to prepare your team for once. Maybe next year.

Psst, fellas... a little less focus on your Jilted Lover Syndrome and a little more focus on looking up the Bears' actual record. has the Bears down 4 to 20.

Boy, right when you get excited about the Bears, they spend two weeks reminding you they are, in fact, the Bears. What the heck were offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Jay Cutler thinking on the final drive? Instead of taking vertical shots on third down, why not throw something underneath to Matt Forte to get Robbie Gould closer? No matter how effective kickers are these days, 50-yarders on wet grass are not gimmes. They aren't 50-50 propositions, either.

The Bears were going for the win, I get it, but there was enough time to get smaller chunks to get closer, plus try and score a TD.

ESPN actually moved the Bears up 2 spots to 19th. What does that say about the other middling teams in the NFL?

The Bears must not like the song "Sweet Home Chicago." They are 1-6 at Soldier Field this season, tied with the Titans for the worst home record.

Speaking of Sweet Home Chicago, enjoy...

The USA Today is also moving the Bears up in their Power Rankings, up 3 spots to 19.

If you're keeping track -- and we are -- their last five losses have come by an average margin of 3.2 points.

Oh, maybe that's why.

Yahoo Sports has it looking like this for Chicago,

20. Chicago Bears (5-8, LW: 16)

Zach Miller has been a crazy story. He last played an NFL game in 2011. Then he resurfaced with the Bears this season. The last five weeks he has 278 yards and five touchdowns. Pretty cool resurgence for the 31-year old.

I'm a fan of Miller. I'd like to see him stay healthy and re-sign with the Bears.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has the Bears down 2 to 18.

Robbie Gould has cost them two games and a chance to be in the playoff race. That's not a good look for the veteran kicker.

Gould has three weeks to prove he's simply in a slump, otherwise the Bears could move on.

Fox Sports has the Bears down 3 spots to 24

The Bears were finally able to get the passing game going, but costly mistakes on defense and the inability to stop Washington's intermediate passing game kept Chicago's defense on the field for over 34 minutes.

Looking at the Power Rankings after a loss is depressing.