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The Bears Den: December 16, 2016 - Chicago Bears news and notes

Join us inside for the latest headlines from Halas Hall!

David Banks/Getty Images

The 2015 Chicago Bears have been fun to watch. There have been more times than not that games ended up in disappointment, but throughout the entire season, for the most part, games were fun to watch from start to finish.

When was the last time that happened? It definitely speaks to the coaching staff and the new culture of fighting until the end, which is something we know wasn't a thing in 2014, but it also exposed the short-comings of this roster when the team couldn't close out games.

So as one positive takeaway from this season-- they've been pretty darn fun to watch all season long. And it's been quite a few years since that has been the case in Chicago.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines...

- The Chicago Bears confirmed reports that Kevin White will not play in 2015. (LINK)

- Is Jay Cutler a lock to return to the Bears next season? (LINK)

- The Bears made some roster moves on Tuesday. (LINK)

- The Chicago Bears brought in 11 players in for tryouts this week. (LINK)

- What the Bears can learn from all-pro defenders. (LINK)

- Chicago unveil new playground at New Chicago Lawn Shelter. (LINK)

- Kyle Long thinks the playoffs are a thing of the past. (LINK)

- A decade-by-decade history of the Chicago Bears. (LINK)