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Fun Friday Open Thread: Because Chicago Bears fans said so

It's Friday, and almost the holidays. The Chicago Bears are not a very good football team, and there's plenty to gripe about. But there's also plenty to be thankful for.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

As a fan of the Chicago Bears, it would be incredibly easy to rattle off to anyone that might ask a list of things that are wrong with the team-- we could start at the top and go down, start at the bottom and go up, and could probably with a little thought even give you the answers in alphabetical order.

We could start with the current state of the union and work backwards through time, and probably go as far back as 1985. Or, we could start at any given point in time of our history, and bring you up to speed working forwards.

In other words, there's plenty that Bears fans could gripe about.

But, things have seemingly picked up a little bit, and as we approach the holidays, it isn't hard to identify some things we can all be proud of and thankful for. Jay Cutler has played really good football this season-- who'd have thunk it?  The new coaching regime has done an excellent job of restoring credibility-- pretty good feeling.  And the Bears have, despite failing to close out the close ones, played some pretty exciting football this season. They've been fun to watch (for the most part).

So to kick off our Friday, this Open Thread can be to serve your gripes and complaints, and things you are also thankful for.

This is your Fun Friday Open Thread... Have fun!


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