On Pace to have a Monster 2016: Part One

Coaching Staff Breakdown:

I think all Bear fans would agree that we definitely have a much improved coaching staff compared to the past 3 or 4 years. I could also make the bold statement that this may be the best coaching staff the Chicago Bears have ever had. With that being said it's up in the air whether we will be able to hold onto both our coordinators past 2015. Due to the fact that NFL team owners are always looking to save a quick buck and copy the latest trend the coaching turnover is at an all-time high. The stability of offensive and defensive schemes across the league are constantly changing due to the coaching carousel. The Chicago Bears have been a victim to that carousel not only because of staff changes but the lack of success our offensive and defensive coordinators have had.

This year the Chicago Bears organization brought in Coach Fox to lead us to glory and so far he is headed in the right direction. With Fox at the helm he should take a page out of Coach Belichick's book, by maintaining the same offensive and defensive system no matter who the coordinator is.

The coordinator who we are least likely to lose this year and beyond is Vic Fangio. It's been said that Vic Fangio is an introvert who speaks his mind and that personality trait doesn't seem to fit the supposed "head coaching profile". If that's the case then hoorah for the Chicago Bears. Overall Fangio has done an excellent job with this year's current personnel. I'm sure a Chicago Bear fan could point out a bad call made by Fangio but the more and more I think about it a lot of calls that were made that ended up in a play that didn't go our way was probably made to protect an incapable defensive player on the field at that particular time.

The coordinator rumored to be stolen from the Chicago Bears after the year is Adam Gase. Gase has brought a refreshing sense of stability to our offense this year. Yes we could list numerous bad calls made by Gase or audibles made by our quarterback Jay Cutler but the positives have far outweighed the negatives. Gase has incorporated multiple offensive sets and guidelines into our current offensive scheme and because of our multiplicity it seems limitless. There were many times this year our offensive variety hindered us but with continued growth our Gase constructed offense should enable us domination over our opponent. If we aren't fortunate enough to retain Gase I hope coach John Fox promotes from within our current offensive staff to maintain schematic stability.

Quarterback Breakdown:

Unlike recent years the majority of Chicago Bear fans should be excited to see Jay Cutler on the field next year. Cutler displayed poise, savvy, toughness, and a plethora of positives this year. I think all Bear fans would agree the Cutler, Gase, and Loggains relationship has gone really well compared to previous pairings. I am looking forward to seeing Jay Cutler in this offense for a second year. As I've witnessed firsthand on Windy City Gridiron the Bear fan expects perfection from Jay Cutler and he has been far from perfect, but I think a lot of that is due to his receiving corps and their injuries. So as I look forward to seeing Cutler next year I also look forward to seeing a healthy group of receivers which will lead to an improved rhythm and continuity from Jay Cutler. Unlike almost every other franchise quarterback Jay Cutler has had to endure running more offensive schemes than fingers on one hand. With our offensive coordinator being rumored to go elsewhere Coach Fox should definitely look to keep the same offensive system just for the pure sake of creating stability around Cutler.

For those of you looking to the future of the quarterback position your dreams will take a hit due to the emergence of Jay Cutler and our improved offense. This coming draft may be the only year we are in position to draft a quarterback in the top 15. With that being said there is only one quarterback I would take in the first round, and that is Paxton Lynch. The beauty of Paxton Lynch's rise is the fact that he started the year as a potential project. So for the moment I would suggest Bear fans to get comfortable with David Fales and Matt Blanchard. Just as I think stability has hindered Jay Cutler's step into the upper echelon, that same stability has prevented the Chicago Bears from developing a young quarterback. In years past we would bring in a young quarterback to run a certain system and the following year that system would be changed. Hopefully Fox and Pace take notice in our need to create a stable offensive system. Only then will we truly find out who a David Fales and Matt Blanchard can be.

Regardless of our current quarterback situation there is a possibility we draft one in the mid to later rounds if things fall right on the Big Board.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

Note: I don't want any of them, but If I had to pick one.

  1. T.J. Yates - Texans

Titanium Approved Chicago Bear Draft Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

  1. Paxton Lynch - Memphis
  2. Carson Wentz - North Dakota St.
  3. Cardale Jones - Ohio St.
  4. Jacoby Brissett - N.C. State

Running Back Breakdown:

Ladies and gentlemen we are back to running the ball, and we have a stable that can compete with the best. Regardless of who was running the ball this year for the Bears they did a pretty good job. There are four guys I look forward to seeing in a Bears uniform next year, Matt Forte, Jeremy Langford, Kadeem Carey, and Senorice Perry. The one person that is in question is Matt Forte.

I hope the decision makers and Forte can come to an agreement. Forte's presence will bring aid to an unrushed growth from Langford and Carey. If Forte is retained you will see more of a backfield by committee which will enable our backs to stay fresh and healthy. But as long as Forte is present KaDeem's carries will be limited, not that they should be though. Hopefully the Bears will find value in Forte's skill set, and Forte gives us a home team discount due to his age and willingness to make a Super Bowl push with the team he started his career with.

Our rookie Jeremy Langford was all that I imagined him to be and more. This kid was able to display power, speed, a nice set of hands, and an ability to pick up the blitz. Langford was able to step in when Forte went down with an injury and produce as if Forte never left the field. The only other backup to duplicate that type of performance has been DeAngelo Williams, the running back for the Steelers. I find it absurd that Chicago Bear fans still seem to be in question to whether Langford can become the heir apparent to Matt Forte. Langford's per snap production has only been seen by the likes of Forte, Anthony Thomas, and Bear running backs of old. Gase's offensive system has asked Langford to do things the normal back can't do, and he has looked good in the process. We've had the opportunity to witness Langford do some things this year that Todd Gurley, Adrian Peterson, and Demarco Murray will never be put in a position to do. I refer to those running backs because they have been declared the best by our peers. For some reason Chicago Bear fans seem to hold Langford at a higher standard than Matt Forte, fore I've seen Forte make the same if not more mental mistakes than Langford this year. Let us not forget this young man is a rookie, so his best is yet to come. Some have questioned his ability to be the Bears lead back and workhorse. I'd like think that until he proves he can't be our workhorse then he is more than capable of being the same workhorse he was in college. We have been blessed with an exceptionally talented rookie running back and hopefully he continues to prove his doubters wrong.

As a self-declared talent scout I could not be more proud of Kadeem Carey. Going into the 2014 draft I named Carey my favorite running back. Rightfully so the Chicago Bear fans questioned his ability and presence on our roster due to lack to speed, and opportunity to play. Under our new offensive coordinator, with the aid of a Matt Forte injury Kadeem Carey was able to break out of the unknown. Carey's opportunistic performances led to Chicago Bear fans wanting more and questioning our offensive staff's decisions not to get Kadeem more carries. Whether as a goal-line back or rotational back it looks like Kadeem Carey has a bright future as a Chicago Bear.

Who is Senorice Perry you ask! This is the kid that wouldn't let Langford and Carey outshine him during the pre-season. One may say Perry did more with less carries during the pre-season. This kid has the youth, speed, build, and skill set to be a more than capable 3rd or 4th string running back and special teams standout.

Regardless of Forte's status we have no reason to go out and draft a running back in the top half of the draft.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

  1. Matt Forte - Bears
  2. Lamar Miller - Miami

Note: There is no need for Lamar on this team but his skill set is definitely approved.

Titanium Approved Chicago Bear Draft Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

  1. Ezekiel Elliott - Ohio St.
  2. D.J. Foster - Arizona St.
  3. Josh Ferguson - Illinois
  4. Kenneth Dixon - Lousiana Tech
  5. C.J. Procise - Notre Dame
  6. Kelvin Taylor - Florida
  7. Corey Clement - Wisconsin
  8. Tarea Folston - Notre Dame
  9. Bralen Addison - Oregon

Wide Receiver Breakdown:

Can somebody please get this group of guys their own personal healers. This group alone kept our offense from flourishing to unimaginable heights. With that being said I'm sure neither one of our injured receivers wanted to get hurt. Because of injury we were able to get a good look at some of our young guys. If this group can stay healthy it will turn out to be one our deepest positions going into the 2016 season. Another thing we can look forward to hopefully is our main receiving core guys going into a second year of this offensive system, a system that will definitely allow each particular guy to showcase his ability.

Marquess Wilson was able to take advantage of every opportunity he touched the ball. Outside the Chicago Bears fan base his name won't be known to many, if any, but he came thru when called upon. Going into next year as the 3rd or 4th receiver he should exceed all expectations. With Wilson lining up inside next year he should put up better numbers than he did this year when asked to be the number one guy. I fully expect Wilson to be an integral part of our offense moving forward. With Wilson's combination of speed, height, and lateral quickness he should be a monster in the slot next year.

Though he is under contract I'm not so sure we need Royal's services. Who am I kidding, we better keep him in the mix with Wilson, who knows when the next receiver injury may occur. We never really got the opportunity to see the version of Royal that played for the Bronco's and Chargers. Sprinkled throughout the year there were flashes of Royal's quickness and route running but never enough to warrant his name being on an opponent's scouting report. I hope Royal is able to make a full recovery and make his presence known in what I think will be an offensive juggernaut next year.

I would never call an Injury a blessing in disguise but let us try to find some positives about Kevin White's year long absence. The same kid who was able to overcome the doubters going into college and pave his way into the first round of an NFL draft will use that same determination to pave his way into the minds of defensive backs in year 2016 as one the scariest receivers to line up against. Though White never saw the field he had access to the same playbook his healthy teammates had. The opportunity to learn a playbook for such a long period of time has to have its positives, doesn't it. When it is time for Kevin White to show and prove on the field his life away from the field should be nice and comfortable compared to a rookie making his first appearance at camp and with a new team. Whatever the reason may have been for White's injury hopefully our training staff has positioned themselves to prevent a recurrence of this injury. One would say it may be a beautiful thing to see him flourish after not knowing what we loss, compared seeing this kid's awesomeness and losing him. Going into the draft my top two options of the top-rated prospects were Kevin White and Vic Beasley. Though Beasley has not yet shown dominance with the Falcons I hold belief things would've been different as a member of the Chicago Bears. Regardless I believe our organization ended up with the better of the two in Kevin White. Just as I proclaimed after the draft I still believe Kevin White to be superior to Amari Cooper and I hope he will make me right in 2016.

Last but definitely not least of this group is Alshon Jeffery. This young man seems to flourish no matter who else is on the field for the Bears. Not only will the health and play of White, Wilson, and Royal make a difference in the Chicago Bears offense, their play will play a part in a boost I think will come in Alshon's stat line. This young man definitely needs to find a way to improve his ability to remain healthy. Again I would never call an injury a blessing in disguise but that may be the case for the Chicago Bears this year as it is Jeffery's contract year. I'm not in agreeance with some that think we should franchise tag Alshon. Yes Alshon's agent may speak of his importance to this team and what he does when on the field, but his lack of presence on the field this year gives us the upper hand to re-sign Alshon at somewhat of a bargain. I hope the Bears organization and Alshon can come to a happy medium during free agency so we can together continue our quest to a Super Bowl.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

  1. Alshon Jeffery - Bears
  2. Percy Harvin- Bills

Note: I would consider this move just to have Percy as a returner only.

  1. Josh Bellamy - Bears
  2. Deonte Thompson - Bears

Note: We need to lock Deonte down as our return man.

Titanium Approved Chicago Bears Draft Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

( I don't fully understand what Gase may be looking for in a receiver so I will leave this blank for the time being)

Offensive Line Breakdown:

I never like to go in depth when it comes to the O-line because there's never anything exciting to really say. As a whole the offensive line held up well this year, and where they failed Cutler's savvy and improved pocket awareness saved the day. Our offensive line was hit with the injury bug this year again but those injuries help shed the light on a couple things.

Charles Leno taking over for Jermon Bushrod was a blessing. Bushrod was brought in to protect our quarterback under a scheme our previous coaching staff ran, and even then he had his struggling moments. At 24 years old Charles Leno could have a bright future at the left tackle position. By no means did Leno display a top 10 pick skill set but he held his own against some very good pass rushers this year and I expect him to go into 2016 as the lead guy. With Leno hopefully taking over and having an off-season to continue honing his technique I would love to see the Bears make a move of some sort with Bushrod that would clear up some money.

Matt Slauson continues to turn out to be an awesome signing, a move made by our previous decision makers.

Hopefully Hroniss Grasu will go into this off-season full throttle, getting stronger and preparing to be the starter. And in the same breath I hope the Bears re-sign Will Montgomery fore he is our center for the present.

I fully expect the Bears to sign or draft a guard this off-season. I miss the days of knowing Kyle Long was gonna hold down the fort at the right guard position but he now lines up at right tackle. For those of us who have witnessed the growth of Kyle Long we should have the upmost confidence that Kyle will be working hard this off-season to become the best right tackle in the league. Kyle is a guy who rarely makes the same mistakes. He will put that game film on and take his collective of Howie Long's weekly scouting reports on Kyle to make his way back to the Pro Bowl, but at the right tackle position.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

  1. Will Montgomery - G- Bears
  2. Amini Silatolu - G- Panthers
  3. Patrick Omameh - G - Bears

Titanium Approved Chicago Bear Draft Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

Note: Offensive tackles will be added to the next article.

  1. Joshua Garnett - G - Stanford
  2. Pat Elfein - G - Ohio St.
  3. Sebastian Tretola - G - Arkansas
  4. Greg Pyke - G- Georgia
  5. Kareem Are - G - Florida St.
  6. Kyle Kalis - G - Michigan

Defensive Line Breakdown:

The group that we initially had our most doubts about ended up being the group that played with something to prove, overcame injuries, and moved forward after one player's bone-headed antics. Our line was made up youth, rejects, and no-namers. The one guy who's name will surely be remembered after this year will be rookie Eddie Goldman. We witnessed his ups, downs, and his growth. We should fully expect his performance to improve going forward. Jarvis Jenkins, Will Sutton, and Mitch Unrein had a darn good showing too. Collectively they each took turns making their presence known in spurts. Whether we decide to open up the pocket book for a more talented defensive end to help out Goldman or not I would like to see Jenkins and Unrein retained. Keeping Jenkins and Unrein will help in the development and depth department. I also think every Bear fan would love to continue seeing the Unrein offensive package. Going forward I think the Chicago Bears will be making moves to improve the defensive end position in the draft and free agency.

Scouts have referred to this draft as being deep at the defensive end position. That may be the case but it sure isn't deep in talent according to initial my study.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

  1. Muhammad Wilkerson - Jets
  2. Brandon Mebane- Seahawks
  3. Nick Fairley - Rams
  4. Derek Wolfe - Broncos
  5. Kendall Reyes - Chargers
  6. Jarvis Jenkins - Bears
  7. Jaye Howard - Chiefs
  8. Mitch Unrein - Bears

Titanium Approved Chicago Bear Draft Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

  1. Joey Bosa - Ohio St.

Note: Most have him slated to play OLB in a 3-4 or DE in a 4-3, I think he would be nice as a 3-4 defensive end. Be mindful I think Bosa is overrated but he is still a good prospect.

  1. Shaq Lawson - Clemson
  2. Vernon Butler - Louisiana Tech (Sleeper found with DutchBear's assistance)
  3. Sheldon Day - Notre Dame

Linebacker Breakdown:

This particular group is a mixed bag of the good, the bad, and the ugly. At some point during the year everyone in this group other than Pernell McPhee has fell into one of those categories. We started the year struggling to get production from our outside linebacker group. As Willie Young and Lamarr Houston got healthy so did our production from the outside guys not named McPhee.

What initially seemed to be a promising inside pairing of Shea McClellin and Christian Jones turned out to be what I would call our #1 off-season priority for rectification. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio continues to be a promoter of Shea's ability despite his so-called off games. The one thing I can say about Shea's play at a position he is new to despite his fourth season is the fact he's learning to use proper technique, his know-how is improving, and he is calling the defensive plays and alignment. One could say that's pretty good for a positional rookie. But for all the excuses we could create to deal with Shea's presence it doesn't change the fact that he isn't making the wow plays we as Chicago Bear fans have gotten use to over the years, and fully expect. If Vic Fangio truly wishes to continue having Shea lead the way then we need to either sign or draft a stud to lineup next to McClellin. No linebacker that has lined up next to Shea McClellin this year had proven they deserve another year as the starter. With that being said John Timu who has not yet gotten the opportunity to prove his worth is up next to bat. Out of all our inside linebackers Timu displays the most instincts so let's see if that cognitive trait can keep him on the roster beyond this year.

There isn't much you really need say about Pernell McPhee except for the fact that he is stud, and I look forward to our defense taking on his personality.

Despite Young, Acho, and Houston all coming along well as the season went along i hope we continue to make some well needed additions to our pass rush whether thru free agency or the draft.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

  1. Von Miller - OLB - Broncos
  2. Danny Trevathan - ILB - Broncos
  3. Bruce Irvin - OLB - Seahawks
  4. Rolando McClain - ILB - Cowboys
  5. Nigel Bradham - ILB - Bills
  6. Brandon Marshall - ILB - Broncos
  7. Shea McClellin - ILB - Bears
  8. Audie Cole - ILB - Vikings

Titanium Approved Chicago Bear Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

  1. Myles Jack - ILB - UCLA

Note: Most may have him listed as an OLB, would draft and play him at ILB.

  1. Joey Bossa - OLB/DE - Ohio St.

Note: Though I am not his band wagon I still respect his ability and think he would fit nicely if we decided to line him up opposite of Pernell McPhee.

  1. Jaylon Smith - OLB - Notre Dame

Note: Most have him slated to play inside, I would like him up outside and position him to be the athlete he most resembles, Von Miller. There is something about his film that doesn't scream inside linebacker in a 3-4 to me.

  1. Leonard Floyd - OLB - Georgia
  2. Shawn Oakman - OLB - Baylor

Note: He is listed to play defensive end but this guy screams Pernell McPhee copycat to me. If our staff prefers aggression over speed to line up opposite of McPhee this is your guy, and he isn't slow by any means.

  1. Emmanuel Ogbah - OLB - Oklahoma St.

Note: This guy is another prospect that reminds me of McPhee.

  1. Noah Spence - OLB - Eastern Kentucky
  2. Dadi Nicolas - OLB - Virginia Tech
  3. Jordan Jenkins - OLB - Georgia
  4. Bronson Kaufusi - OLB - BYU
  5. Antonio Morris - ILB - Florida
  6. Jarrad Davis - ILB - Florida
  7. Curt Maggitt - OLB - Tennessee

Defensive back Breakdown:

This group is a weird one when it comes to approval rating. If you weren't a Chicago Bear fan and you looked at statistics alone you would think we have a pretty solid secondary. The Bear fans who watched the Bears play on every Sunday walked away unsatisfied with our secondary. I think our secondary as unit started shaky in the beginning of the year but as injuries occurred, injured players healed, assignments became clear and roster moves were made I think we go into 2016 sitting beautifully as a secondary. That optimism doesn't mean we don't need to make some free agency or draft moves to improve our secondary, fore right now we have a question mark at strong safety, and a depth issue at corner.

The one constant that came to the light was the consistency and ferocious hits made by our rookie free safety Adrian Amos. Not only does Amos look the part but if you didn't know any better you would think he is an All-Pro safety. Hopefully that is what he continues to play like, an All-Pro. Just as I think our secondary as a whole was handicapped due to our linebacker's ability to make plays, I think Amos was handicapped as an individual player due inconsistent and low grade play by our strong safety position. Once we solidify the strong safety position whether by draft, free agency, or a healthy Antrel Rolle, only then can we see all that Adrian Amos has to offer.

After injuries and roster moves an unsung hero was born. That hero was an undrafted free agent out of Rice by the name Bryce Callahan. From the moment he got his opportunity at our nickel corner position you knew he was a gamer. Regardless of his stature or what we perceive to be the needed stature Bryce displayed numerous examples of cover corner skills and toughness. Callahan made such a name for himself amongst Bear fans that we knew who wasn't on the field when certain offensive plays were made by our opponent. It is safe to say that this youngster will be a big part of our defense going forward.

Bryce Callahan got his opportunity to play because of injury but this next guy recovered from an injury and became an instant superstar in the minds of the Chicago Bear fan base. Tracy Porter got his hamstring healed up and never looked back. This savvy veteran led by example on every snap, and pass breakup. Porter's hips, quick feet and hands allowed him to continuously put together game film of what a shutdown corner should look like. Porter's presence help solidify a secondary in need of some life and flashiness. As we look forward to our 2016 season we should also look forward to Porter's presence and leadership within our secondary.

They say all leaders and teachers need a student or follower that can justify the ability of the leader or teacher. That student will be Kyle Fuller. With Porter's leadership and Vic Fangio's systematic guidance Kyle Fuller will continue to grow and become the best cover corner of his draft that I quoted him to be. Before Chicago Bear fans were even preparing for the 2014 draft I saw highlights and game film of Kyle Fuller and instantly deemed him the best of his class. Imagine how excited I was to see us draft him in the 2014 draft. Just as I referred to Marcus Peters as the best corner of his draft, despite the doubters, I fully expect Kyle Fuller to hold up his end of the bargain to keep my streak intact. Kyle had his ups and downs this year but to the unwatchful eye his ups far outweighed his downs. In a quiet and unannounced way Kyle Fuller put together a better year than the fan voted superstar Tracy Porter. In comparison to Porter who's veteran knowledge and well-traveled career enabled him to transition well in Vic Fangio's defense, Kyle was new to the system and had some growing pains to overcome. For those that envision Fuller as a safety you are wasting your time, yes he has undeniable awareness when facing the line of scrimmage and tackles superbly for a corner, but that same tackling is mediocre in terms of safety play, and his physicality would never hold up coming downhill. Kyle Fuller will remain at the corner position, and he will succeed at the corner position.

After a season where we started with Alan Ball, Fuller, and Sherrick McManis I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish with Porter, Fuller, and Bryce Callahan in the future.

Titanium Approved Free Agent Targets:

  1. Eric Berry - SS/FS - Chiefs
  2. Tracy Porter - CB - Bears
  3. Janoris Jenkins - CB - Rams
  4. Trumaine Johnson - CB - Rams
  5. Brandon Boykin - CB - Steelers
  6. Jeremy Lane - CB - Seahawks
  7. Kyle Wilson - CB - Saints
  8. Jamell Fleming - CB - Chiefs
  9. Ross Cockrell - CB - Steelers

Titanium Approved Chicago Bear Draft Prospects:

(subject to change due to recruiting bowl games, pro days, and combine)

  1. Vernon Hargorve III - CB - Florida
  2. Kendall Fuller - CB - Virginia Tech
  3. Karl Joseph - S - West Virgina

Note: This kid is hands down the best safety coming out. He is coming off a knee injury which hopefully hurts his stock. If he is able to perform to my liking at the combine I stand by my calling him the best safety coming out of the draft.

  1. Sua Cravens - S/OLB - USC

Note: No matter where this kid lines up he will be a good player.

  1. Jeremy Cash - S - Duke
  2. Jayron Kearse - S - Clemson
  3. KeiVarae Russell - CB - Notre Dame
  4. Tony Carter - S/CB - Ole Miss
  5. James Bradberry - CB - Samford
  6. Josh Harvey-Clemons - S - Louisville

Note: He is questionable for me at the strong safety position.

  1. Miles Killebrew - S - Southern Utah
  2. Harlan Miller - CB - Southern
  3. Blake Countess - CB - Auburn

The Fantastic Four I would like to see the Chicago Bears draft:

Myles Jack- ILB

Shawn Oakman - OLB

Karl Joseph - S

Joshua Garnett - G

Bonus Coverage:

Since joining WCG I've always made my favorite prospect known. That list is made up of Bruce Irvin, Tavon Austin, and Aaron Donald. I'm proud to announce that my favorite player coming out of the draft this year is Myles Jack. Unlike previous years my liking for Jack came with hesitation, but after some serious film work and reading Myles Jack is my favorite prospect coming out of the draft, a prospect I'm hoping the Chicago Bears will draft. I'm hoping that Jaylon Smith's awesomeness will keep the cowboys from drafting Myles Jack. If that isn't enough love for you I continue my love for this pick by making another declaration in regards to Myles Jack.

I believe Myles Jack is the best linebacker prospect to ever come out of college.

Let me repeat that, I believe Myles Jack to be the best linebacker prospect to ever come out college.

Myles Jack was a young man who played linebacker and running back in high school. Because of Jack's ability to run the ball most of the schools who recruited him wanted him to play running back but Jack's heart was on the defensive side of the ball. UCLA gave Jack the opportunity to make linebacker his primary position. Myles Jack started as a freshman. Even as a freshman Myles Jack was a standout linebacker. Finally I ran across a highlight that I think gave Myles Jack the mindset to bring the hat no matter what. Myles Jack was attempting to run down Logan Thomas a current Miami Dolphin quarterback. Jack was unprepared for what was to come when he approached Logan. Upon contact Logan Thomas blasted Myles Jack as if he was the ball carrier and Thomas was the defender. According to the film I have access to Myles Jack has been never taken a blow like that again.

Now I know there are a lot of previous linebacker prospects to compare Myles to but I don't want to hold you longer than I already have. Myles Jack is the equivalent to a created player, barring he has a full recovery from his knee injury. Now again I say, I don't want to call an injury a blessing in disguise, but the fact that Myles has been preparing for the draft and combine since his injury can only be a positive. Don't just imagine physical preparation because Jack is preparing for the mental side of things as well. Jack has had almost a whole college season to study with some of the best positional instructors in preparation for his entry into the NFL.

Physically Myles Jack is Beast. He is 6'1, 232, and built like a brickhouse. His current frame has room to become more chiseled. A chisel I expect to see at the coming 2016 NFL Combine. It is expected for Jack to run a 4.4 to 4.5 in the forty yard dash. According to the film where Jack is running the ball his agility and acceleration should be on display as well at the coming combine. Imagine the build of Lance Briggs with the movement ability of Brian Urlacher. Before studying the film on Myles Jack I initially declared him to be the linebacker you neutralize by running the ball straight at him. After film study I realized this kid is the real deal even in the run game. Not only does he bring the hat to the ball carrier he gives the oncoming blockers a nice head jolt I've rarely seen a linebacker deliver to a lineman. Like Lance Briggs, Myles Jack is a violent and aggressive hitter. Even our most recent great linebacker Brian Urlacher was never known to shed blocks and be violent, even he had to improve and fine tune his instincts, this kid Myles Jack already has the instincts to succeed from day one. Myles Jack has been compared to Navarro Bowman and Bobby Wagner. As good as those comparisons are Myles Jack's skill set far exceeds what the likes of Briggs, Urlacher, Bowman, and Wagner could ever imagine.

Not only does Myles Jack look like an awesome, fast, instinctive, and violent prospect, imagine this for a moment. If Myles Jack were a corner in this coming draft he would be the third rated cover corner headed into the NFL. Yes this 6'1, 232 prospect has hips, feet, speed, awareness, and tenacity to line up inside over the slot or outside as a corner. The film is available for all to witness this young man's uncanny ability to cover the likes of almost anybody, or should I say to cover almost as good as the prospects that call themselves cornerbacks. So not only is this kid an outstanding linebacker prospect but he has the superhuman ability to morph into a cover corner when needed. Did I mention I don't remember him ever missing a tackle, yes there is more film to watch, but so far his tackling is like Jake Arrieta behind the mound. There is no comparable linebacker prospect to Myles Jack in this draft, nor has there been one in any other draft we've seen.

Stay Tuned for Part 2.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.