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Bears vs Vikings Fantasy Advice: Bench Robbie Gould

SB Nation has some fantasy football advice for the Bears vs Vikings game.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

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Robbie Gould is having a rough few weeks. The veteran Chicago Bears kicker, who is also a team captain, has missed three of his last five field goal attempts, and has directly impacted at least two games this season with his misses.

We could debate for days Gould's merit to this team, his long-term future, and whether he should get as much of the blame as has been poured over him recently, but strictly from a statistical standpoint, he's not in the best place right now.

SB Nation has some sit 'em & start 'em advice for the Bears versus Vikings game on Sunday, which includes benching the Chicago Bear kicker.

Sit ‘em: The numbers have mostly been on Robbie Gould's side this year, but some recent atrocious misses have me shying away. ... The Bears' defense struggles more against the run than against the pass, and the Vikings' are not the team for that specific weakness.

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