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Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings 1st Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for live updates and instant analysis of today's Chicago Bears game!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Do you remember the last time the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings played? If so, you likely remember Jay Cutler lowering his shoulder against safety Harrison Smith as he rumbled into the end zone for a touchdown.  If you want to see that Vine, you can click HERE. (Warning, it includes the recap of the Bears loss to Minnesota as well.)

Also in that game, Robbie Gould hit a 55-yard field goal, which was the third-longest of his career.

All in all, the Bears could have beaten the Vikings the first time around. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the final score, but they played better football than Minnesota for much of the game and many would argue deserved to win.

With that said, the Bears need to figure out a way to beat Minnesota today, especially if they are hoping for a playoff miracle berth to close out the 2015 season. Can they do it? Stay tuned...

This is your Bears vs Vikings 1st Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!