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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: What was Odell Beckham Jr. doing? Tyrann Mathieu out for the year. Will the Panthers go for 16-0?

Check out my latest Thoughts on the National Football League.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1) After weeks and weeks of discussion about two possible teams with losing records winning their divisions, both the NFC East and the AFC South finally have division leaders sitting at .500.

The Washington Redskins and Houston Texans have both climbed back to respectability and each have a decent chance to win out heading into the playoffs. The Texans have the easier route to 9-7, they go to Tennessee to face the 3-11 Titans, then host the 5-9 Jaguars. The Redskins travel to Philadelphia for the 6-8 Eagles, then finish on the road in Dallas against the 4-10 Cowboys.

2) The Detroit Lions could end up in an odd situation this offseason. Head coach Jim Caldwell is on the hot seat, but newly promoted offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter has their offense playing very good in route to a 4-2 record since he took over play calling.

If the franchise decides to move on from Caldwell, would they mandate that the new head coach keep Jim Bob Cooter around? If that's the plan, that may turn off some candidates who'll want to hire their own staff.

3) Odell Beckham Jr. is a dumbass.

I don't care if he felt disrespected with the Panther players carrying around a symbolic baseball bat, or if he was mad that the Panthers' were calling him names, or any other B.S. reason he may make up. You simply do not do what he did on Sunday. His excessive unsportsmanlike behavior resulted in a one game suspension.

New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin thought about benching his star wide out during the game, but ultimately decided that a chance to win was more important than sending a message.

I wonder if Coughlin gets pink slipped year? The Giants haven't made the playoffs since 2011.

4) Should the Carolina Panthers push on for the undefeated season or rest their starters?

Head coach Ron Rivera is still working on locking up the #1 seed in the NFC, but if they win this week, then the week 17 game will be meaningless. Well, meaningless except for the history of 16-0.

5) There's a new leader for the "Worst uniform combination in the NFL" category. Check out the Baltimore Ravens' spicy mustard pants in the picture above.

The reason they went with those pants; This was Baltimore's 20th anniversary season.

I understand the Thursday Night Football Color Rush promotion, but no one forced the Ravens' hands into this horrendous color.

5a) With their 34-14 win against the Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs have now won 8 straight games and are only one game behind the Denver Broncos.

6) And speaking of the Ravens, check out this article from our sister site, Baltimore Beatdown. Why So Many Injuries This Season?

Dr. Bobby Esbrandt is a contributor for their site and he goes into detail on some of the training practices used these days.

I thought the Chicago Bears were hit hard with injuries this season, but did you realize the Ravens have 20 players on season ending injured reserve?

7) Here's the latest crack in the Russell Wilson isn't be a pocket passer narrative.

On Sunday, Wilson passed for another three touchdowns and became the only player in NFL history with five straight games with at least three passing touchdowns and no interceptions. Think about that.

8) Tough break for the Arizona Cardinals in losing Tyrann Mathieu to an ACL injury in his right knee. Mathieu does a lot of different things in the Cardinal secondary, but they should have the overall talent to push on through the playoffs without him.

Mathieu actually came back from an ACL injury in his left knee a couple years ago, so he understands the rehab process.

The reaction from Cardinals' head coach Bruce Arians really shows the kind of coach he is.

"He'll be fine," said Arians, who was with Mathieu when he heard his ACL was torn. "He'll bounce back, and he'll be ready for next year."

Arians was visibly upset when announcing the injury, stopping twice during his eight-minute news conference to collect himself. The coach has said publicly that Mathieu was his favorite player on the roster, and Arians' emotions Monday showed that Mathieu's injury affected him.

"We have a little different bond," Arians said. "Just because where he came from, where I came from, and I've just gotten real attached to him. I love the player, but I love the person more."

I know the situation a few years ago with Arians interviewing in Chicago had some strange circumstances surrounding it, but I wonder where the franchise would be if they hired him instead of Marc Trestman? He just seems like a coach you'd want to play for.

9) Remember back when Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell looked like he could be the answer for that franchise? Yeah not anymore. After starting 2-0 in impressive fashion after taking over after their bye week, Campbell and the 'Fins have gone 2-6 in their last eight games.

10) Chicago Bears head coach John Fox has increased a franchise's win total both previous times he took over as head coach. With the Panthers in 2002 he led them to a 7-9 season after having just 1 win the year before he arrived. In Denver he helped the Broncos to an 8-8 record and a playoff win in 2011, just one year after the franchise stumbled to a 4-12 season.

Last year the Bears went 5-11 under Marc Trestman's leadership and the Bears are sitting on 5 wins with two to go.

Do you guys think Fox will win at least one game to continue the trend?