Best of the Game Threads - Week 16

A new week, MUCH happier results! (Unless you're one of those who are rooting for a better draft pick). Not me. I'll take wins over draft position any day. I'll trust Pace to pick a player that will make a difference, no matter if he's picking at 10 or 17.

Just my


I was going to jump into the 1st Q thread as it started and suggest a "Shuggs" drinking game: Every time Shuggs makes a bad pun or joke, take a drink. Ultimately, I thought better of it. I couldn't see putting half the folks into a coma by the third quarter.

Alas, it may have been safe to call said game. I noticed Shuggs in the threads, but he seemed to be off his game (Hallelujah!) and kinda quiet.

Anyway, on to what you came for:


1st Quarter (156 comments)

Holy Spam Attack to start the thread.... Flag these Martzers early and often.

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Preach it billyboyxoxox.

billyboyxoxox: Screw the draft pick status and screw the tanking without Jeffery and McClellin dilf. Get over it. The Bears are going to make do today and martzing win out this season! 7-9 here we come! BEAR DOWN!! NOW!!

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We usually have "What Dils said." But for this moment, it's "What Gruss said." (and, MAN, wasn't it a glorious spectacle?)

Gruss72: Bears need a win and I’ll be looking forward to watching AZ crush gb afterward

billyboyxoxox: Trestman the pack. May they blow the division crown! BLOW IT!!

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Keep your mook to yourself, Wally!

WhiskeyRanger: Bear Down Trestman the Packers. Good to be back in a game thread. I actually kinda missed you mooks last week.

Wally007: I got your mook right here pal!!! Welcome back

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Oh God....

C-Razzle (Brad Biggs Tweet:) #Bears flip flop at RG with Vladimir Ducasse starting instead of former Buc Patrick Omameh

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The afforementioned spammers got one....

WhiskeyRanger: God Damnit! Those spammers made me click on one of their links. I was trying to reply to a post, and they posted their long ass image spam above it bumping everything down, and I tapped on an image… Kromers!.

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Windy Cynic: Did Gase find John Shoops playbook somewhere in Halas Hall?

Jacqui13: Shoop Nooooooooo

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And the hits keep onnnnnn a'comin.... (blocked punt)

Windy Cynic: Special team miscue.... shocked

Beer Down!: Manti Te'o's girlfriend missed her assignment

German_Bear: that joke is so 2013!

Beer Down!: I still rick roll occasionally So… yeah… I’m stuck in the past

German_Bear: don't all Bears fans live in the past sometimes?

Beer Down!: I don't know what you're talking about pg2_g_sbshuffle1_576_zpsxynj490j.0.jpg

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Lost, you might want to give Halas Hall a call with this one.....

LostInSTL: So apparently...If your o-line blocks the defense, you gain positive yards. TheBears might want to look into this innovative strategy.

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Valid question for some, I'm sure.

C-Razzle (Tim Baffoe Tweet:) At some point it has to be asked of Jay Cutler why he hasn't stepped up and attempted to improve the Bears special teams.

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You're BOTH right!

LostInSTL: Say what you will about...Mariani, he fights for 1st downs.

WhiskeyRanger: He's a terrible returner. That’s what I will say.

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WhiskeyRanger: OK. We can add the words "App Store" to the "things Arnold Schwarzenegger should never say" list.

Windy Cynic: you have no idea what a shitty governor that slob was

WhiskeyRanger: An Austrian body builder turned cheesy action star didn't make a good governor? I refuse to believe this.

Windy Cynic: watch "smartest men in the room" movie.... boondoggle of Bush proportions

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Lookout Mrs Lovie!!

Beer Down!: Wow A challenge Lovie might win

Bears-Cubs Bulls: The Challenge master IS in the house

Jacqui13: Lovie wins a challenge. Who knew?

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Ed with the zinger...

LostInSTL: My only thought today...


nothererightnow: no thanks I had too many relationships start that way

Bears-Cubs Bulls: What all my special lady friends said over the years

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The fashion police have arrived. TB, you're under arrest.

seandmills: Haven't watched a lotta bucs But damn.. These uniforms are atrocious. Who said "hey, what if our uniforms looks like digital alarm clocks? People would love it!"

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2nd Quarter (261 comments)

Isn't it usually more?

Nut_Cracker: Hey, we're down 7 at the beginning of the 2nd qtr. Where have I seen this before?

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Wait, what?

Wally007: Come on gang, we need some hyperbole!

Nut_Cracker: Amos is a future Hall of Famer!

Wally007: With that defended pass, he has easily earned an MVP selection

Nut_Cracker: MVP of what?

Wally007: The NHL

-- -- -- -- -- --

Good question.

German_Bear: how many first quarters without any points did we have? feels like we’re only scoring in the 2nd and 4th

TC53: 14?

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The more you know....

DutchBear: I feel nothing watching this team today.

Wally007: medical condition?

DutchBear: I might have to make one up.

Wally007: Bearitis

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Or was it Tresticle?

C-Razzle (DaBearsBlog Tweet:) NO MORE SCREENS!

Bears-Cubs Bulls: Ron turner hijacked the comms briefly

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Much celebration....(gif made me chuckle)


Assy McGee: That a boy Carey

WhiskeyRanger: TD BEARS!!!!!!


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Fashion Police speak again (Is there Double Jeopardy for fashion violations?)

seandmills: The bucs uniforms Are tresting hideous. Seriously.. WTF?!

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You guys made your own drinking games today (since I didn't as referenced in the opening)

Wally007: Bears give up Touchdown: Drink Bears score Touchdown: Drink

MidWayMonster54: Lovie wins a challenge : Drink

Wally007: Lovie wins a challenge: Finish your beer

WhiskeyRanger: I have a better drinking game. I call it Take a drink: Take another drink. It’s self perpetuating.

Wally007: The game of drink: I know it well

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Ahhhh, the old TWSS....long time since that's appeared in the threads.....

C-Razzle (Az Cardinals Tweet:) The birthday boy, Carson Palmer, lost the weekly QB bet. Check out more on our Snapchat. (w/ large pic)

Bears-Cubs Bulls: could you make it a little bigger? I don’t have my glasses handy

BOBdaBEAR: TWSS - it is said the man later died from burn wounds.

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Looks like Nomad is making his fashionably late appearance as usual...

Nomad30: I had a nightmare about us losing this game 38-0. Is it that bad?

62GTO: Well its not true, so theres that

Nomad30: I see we have points, so at least it's not a shutout.

Wally007: We're also not losing.

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Who knew?

TC53: Royal is playing and made a catch!

BOBdaBEAR: Also, a slant!

jmvda: that´s big news

Nomad30: Almost like somebody knows how Smith's defense works and how to chop it up.

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That's the spirit, ed!

nothererightnow: can we have a red zone TD please

Bill Cartwright's Elbow: Only if you say six Hail Cutlers

WhiskeyRanger: And two Our Papa Bears

nothererightnow: hell Cutler, hell Cutler….

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3rd Quarter (240 comments)

Tomato, tomahto

tfrabotta: Can we please just win To guarantee a better record than last year??

Nut_Cracker: I dunno. I feel like I want the higher pick now that the season has gone trestmanall.

LostinSTL: It's pronounced Trestman All... Not trestmanall.

-- -- -- -- -- --

A Nuclear implosion.

tfrabotta: Jesus Marshall looks so damn good

Nut_Cracker: He needed the change of scenery. He would’ve imploded in Chicago.

Nomad30: Imploded or gone nuclear? Either one seems to fit.

-- -- -- -- -- --

Sad but true....

TC53: now we have the 3rd qtr to look forward to...what is Bears' point differential in 3rd Q this year?

Nut_Cracker: infinity, for the opponent.

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I'm sure anyone hearing this would think the same.

C-Razzle: "Lovie was animated"? No he wasnt…

Chitownproduct: I was gonna type the same thing lol

-- -- -- -- -- --

Defense back to its old tricks....

LostinSTL: That was a great attempted tackle...

WhiskeyRanger: A very important stat.

-- -- -- -- -- --

Twice in one game? (Ms Lovie is in trouble tonight)

Gruss72: When did Lovie learn how to throw a challenge flag?

Nomad30: He did it a lot for us, it was just almost always idiotic.

TC53: refs are twice as bad now...easy to win challenges

Gruss72: there may be something to that theory

Jacqui13: Love wins again. Damn he never did that here.

nothererightnow: Lovie 2-0 on challenges

62GTO: first time ever

-- -- -- -- -- --

Defense needs some new coding.

German_Bear: Error 404 - passrush not found

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Harold Jones-Quartey - our new favorite player....

WhiskeyRanger: PICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F@ck yeah!

LostinSTL: THAT... Is making a play.

Chitownproduct: Now that's what you call Making a play!

Nomad30 : Harold Jones-Quartey? Holy dilf, he wants a job. You want to see fighting for a ball, THAT is what fighting for a ball looks like.

C-Razzle (Adam Hoge Tweet:) HJQ with a forced fumble and interception today.

TC53: HJQ! (Everyone chant!! - SGNDave)

-- -- -- -- -- --

What Black Magic is this? (Not seeing the game, I have no idea who did what here) (C-Razzle gave me the answer)

WhiskeyRanger: BALL!!!!!!!

TC53: another turnover!


62GTO: Timu

TC53: Anderson!

C-Razzle (Fishbain Tweet:) Undrafted rookie Jonathan Anderson forces the fumble, undrafted rookie John Timu recovered.

-- -- -- -- -- --

Led by ECD, no doubt....

PolishSausage311: bears chants starting!!!!!

-- -- -- -- -- --

I'm sure his mother does....

fenom283: Anybody miss Shea?

Nut_Cracker: crickets

Wally007: crickets miss Shea?

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4th Quarter (330 comments)

What about the Easter Bunny?

Nut_Cracker: TOUCHDOWN BEARS!! Play Action fake. So, it DOES exist in Gase’s playbook!!!

Wally007: Its like the 'tooth fairy' you hear about it all the time, but never seen it

-- -- -- -- -- --

Why haven't I heard about this before?

Nut_Cracker: Why not a 2 pt conversion?

tfrabotta: Right? What do they have to lose?

Nut_Cracker: Conservatism

WhiskeyRanger: Well Taking one puts us up by 2 fieldgoals. If we go for 2 and miss, 2 field goals gives them the lead. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Fox is a tad conservative. : )

-- -- -- -- -- --

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.....

Nomad30: Fuller just made a monster play on that one.

German_Bear: although he never looked to the ball

Mr. Titanium: Lol You know what happens sometimes when you look at ball, you misjudge it and the receiver catches it. Then yall would have worse to say. Be thankful for the play made.

-- -- -- -- -- --

Other games news....

C-Razzle: Steelers may lose to Ryan Mallett

MidWayMonster54: Better than losing to Pickles . (Bet that would leave a sour taste in their mouth - SGNDave)

Wally007: jets may beat Pats Hotlanta could shut Cam Newtons kromer mouth

-- -- -- -- -- --

It's one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse....

Wally007: Two slants in one game. WTF am I seeing?

-- -- -- -- -- --

WCG Holds its breath as Robbie works to shed the "Pyrite" nickname (4 FG today?)

TC53: Robbie Gould time

C-Razzle: SUCCESS!

LostinSTL: HOLY TREST.... He made it!!!!!!

mustang6944: Because we already have he lead If it was for the win or tie, then worry.

Wally007: Monkey: Off of back

Dils: Dilf you Robbie

Nut_Cracker: lol. Was that preemptive?

Dils: Yep

T.Moore: Robbie Copper upgraded to Robbie Bronze Nope still can’t forgive the misses yet

-- -- -- -- -- --

They probably all do, but still funny when the mic's catch it....

Nut_Cracker: Sack!

C-Razzle: If you heard closely, Jameis yelled "Ah f@ck!"

Nomad30: Hey, Rodgers does that too.

-- -- -- -- -- --

Cardinal FG Attempt...

Nut_Cracker: Miss one, for Robbie! YES!!

WhiskeyRanger: NO GOOD!


mustang6944: Glad to see someone else miss an important field goal.

Bin Bin: Matt Millen Analysis: Brutal...That's brutal....Brutal...That's brutal

62GTO: just like his GMing!

-- -- -- -- -- --


C-Razzle (Brad Biggs Tweet:) Hroniss Grasu back in at center for #Bears to start this possession

Nem54 : cool, he needs a healthy off season to bulk the emery up, he is so small

Bin Bin: Needs to start ordering his 'vitamins' through Peyton manning's wife

-- -- -- -- -- --

So much for that, Panthers...

C-Razzle: There you go, Panthers. There was your Miami game. Go on to win it all

Wally007: Fuckin Finally Dab to that, bitch

-- -- -- -- -- --


TC53: Looks like LOLions are going to week for 3rd place in NFC North

-- -- -- -- -- --

Rim shot!

reppinchitown: Lovie, you can't beat the Bears?

Nut_Cracker: He can, when he's coaching the Bears.

Wally007: thats a reccin

-- -- -- -- -- --

Here we go.... (and Shuggs pipes in. I asked in the comments of last weeks BOGT: "I'm wondering if Kev might let me borrow the Pun Hammer for a moment…")

TC53: Cutler crazies at WCG getting pumped up for a Cutty lovefest

MidWayMonster54: Really ? You gotta start shit after a solid team win ?

Wally007: seriously. wtf? Get on board!

Shuggs: the woot woot train

Wally007: beats the long, lonely walk of lonliness

-- -- -- -- -- --


Nomad30: Whee, first December win since 2013! It’d be nice if Tampa isn’t our last win of this season like they were of last season, though.

C-Razzle: Winning is fun

Wally007: it doesnt suck, my man, it doesnt suck

75bearsfan: It is nice, isn't it?

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