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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Are the Vikings a threat in the NFC? Were the Packers exposed? How good is the Bears Zach Miller?

Check out my latest Thoughts on the NFL and be sure to add a few of your own in the comment section.

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1) The New York Jets are on the brink of a postseason appearance after their stunning win against the New England Patriots in overtime. For some unfathomable reason New England head coach Bill Belichick decided to kickoff after winning the OT coin toss. If both teams are guaranteed a chance to play offense, like with the NCAA rules, then going on D is an OK decision. But with the NFL rules giving the victory to a team making an opening drive TD, you always take the ball. Always.

The Jets control their own destiny during their season finale. If they win in Buffalo, they're in. And that means that wide receiver Brandon Marshall will finally see the postseason.

1a) Speaking of Marshall, he now holds the season reception record for the Jets as well as the Chicago Bears and he's the first wide out to ever have 6 different 100 catch seasons.

1b) If you're still holding a grudge over the Bears trading Marshall, check out the article from CBSChicago's Chris Emma, Bears Still Have Nothing To Regret For Removing Brandon Marshall.

1c) If IK Enempkpali doesn't break Geno Smith's jaw in the preseason, are the Jets even on the playoff doorstep? Ryan Fitzpatrick has a career high 29 TD passes this season so far.

2) The Kansas City Chiefs won their franchise record 9th straight in their 17-13 victory against the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs led 17-3 at the half and held on for the W against the partying Johnny Manziel and the Browns.

So is Johnny Football gonna end up in Dallas next year?

The Chiefs are just 1 of 4 AFC teams that have punched their postseason ticket, with the Denver Broncos joining the party after last nights ridiculous win.

3) The New York Giants look like a team that is ready for the offseason, but you gotta hand it to the Minnesota Vikings for taking care of business on Sunday night. They clinched a playoff spot with the 49-17 win and set up a battle for the NFC North next week against the Green Bay Packers.

4) And about those Packers...

The Arizona Cardinals walloped them 38-8 and picked up 9 sacks in the process. The Packers have struggled in protecting their QB all year and are now up to 42 sacks allowed. If teams are able to pressure Aaron Rodgers by just rushing 4, they look very beatable.

4a) Clay Matthews is a big jerk

5) With the Carolina Panthers finally losing a game, the Cardinals have a chance at the #1 seed and home field throughout the NFC playoffs. The Cards are also probably the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl.

6) The NFC Playoff teams are all set, but the seeds are still in play. Well, all except the 4th seed, which will go to the 8-7 Washington Redskins. The Redskins actually have nothing to play for next week against the Dallas Cowboys. Would a win to close out the season be more important for Washington than resting players?

7) So Peyton Manning being linked to an illegal doping ring is not something I ever thought I'd ever see. For complete coverage head over to our sister site the Mile High Report.

8) In a story just as odd, but not nearly as big in scope, the wife of Miami Dolphins corner Brent Grimes went off on Twitter ripping the media, the fans and Ryan TannehillThe Phinsider has screen shots of all her crazy tweets.

I understand wanting to have your spouses back, but there are other ways to do it.

9) At 4-11, the San Diego Chargers have been out of playoff contention for a while now, so they probably could have given a pass to safety Eric Weddle when he wanted to skip the halftime chat to watch his daughter perform at halftime.

The San Diego Chargers fined safety Eric Weddle $10,000 for staying on the field at halftime during a Week 15 game against the Miami Dolphins so he could watch his daughter perform during a dance ceremony.

Family first.

10) During the Chicago Bears game I realized just how good of a receiver tight end Zach Miller was. He's a hands catcher, meaning he rarely allows the ball to get into his body. I couldn't recall Miller having any drops this year, so I checked with Pro Football Focus and found that he hasn't. He has no drops and a 79.4 catch percentage. That percentage is 3rd best at his position among TEs that have played half their teams snaps. He's also averaging 7 yards after catch, which ranks 5th.

The Bears can't allow Miller to leave after the season ends can they?

What are some of your Thoughts this week?