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Chicago Bears could look to promote Dowell Loggains if Adam Gase leaves town

If the current Chicago Bears offensive coordinator gets promoted out, the Bears could look internally to fill his role.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

All season long, John Fox and his two coordinators-- Adam Gase and Vic Fangio-- have been given high praise for stabilizing a locker room that had previously been turned upside, and subsequently, putting their players in a position all season long to be competitive.  This has been no simple feat, considering the significant lack of talent on both sides of the football they have had to work with.

And one big part of the offensive success that's been credited to Adam Gase has been the performance of Jay Cutler. A season ago, Jay Cutler led the league in turnovers, and this year, he's setting records for NOT turning the football over.

And while Gase absolutely deserves credit for turning things around for the formerly-embattled Chicago Bears quarterback, as Chris Emma points out, he also has to share that credit with quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains.

"Each time Cutler, a player once unfairly portrayed as a coach killer,€” is asked about Gase, he also quickly shares credit with quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains, a hand-picked choice for that job last January."

And this is where the conversation quickly turns into a potential succession plan. With Loggains consistently being endorsed by Cutler, would it make sense to promote him to offensive coordinator should Adam Gase get promoted out?

"Loggains boasts two years of experience as offensive coordinator with the Titans and is considered an innovative mind and excellent communicator, similar to Gase. He and Cutler are like-minded individuals who work well together. He's just 35 years old and could be considered an up-and-coming name in the coaching ranks."

Emma goes into more detail on Loggains' credentials, so be sure to click over to get the full scoop.

If Adam gase should leave town for a head coaching gig, should the Bears promote Loggains to offensive coordinator?