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Thursday morning open thread: Post your own Chicago Bears links

Join us below for an unscheduled Chicago Bears Open Thread!

A reporter interviews a dog dressed as a lion.
A reporter interviews a dog dressed as a lion.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thursday morning, which is the day we sometimes like to sneak in an unscheduled Open Thread.  There's plenty to discuss, such as:

- The Chicago Bears playoff chances (Link)

- Rookie Kevin White's first individual drills (Link)

- A fantasy review from last week (LINK)

- How much you still hate the Green Bay Packers

- What the contingency plan is in case Adam Gase or Vic Fangio is hired away

- Whatever the hell else you want to chat about.

If you want to talk news and headlines, go ahead and drop in some links in the comments section... Sort of a self-contained, self-sufficient Bears Den if you will. You people want to eat? Get boot-strappy and feed yourselves!  Just make sure to share with others...

We'll have more to come as the day rolls along, including some cross-blog content with the next opponent (Niners Nation), but until then, enjoy yourselves...

This is your unscheduled Thursday Morning Open Thread... Have fun!