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Vic Fangio says Eddie Goldman, Adrian Amos are his building blocks for next season

If the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator is back in 2016, he's happy with a few of the pieces he has in place.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The hottest topic in Chicago over the next couple weeks will be the coaching staff-- John Fox made a couple red-hot hires in offensive coordinator Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio when he came to Chicago earlier this season, but speculation has run rampant almost all season long about how long each coordinator would be around.

Now that the season is coming to an end, the speculation is even stronger. Both Gase and Fangio will get significant looks as potential head coaching candidates, but Fangio has also stated that the opportunity would have to be the right fit for him to leave.

Until we know otherwise, we'll approach things as if he's returning to Chicago in 2016.

On Wednesday, Fangio was asked about next season, and who his building blocks would be. His answer: defensive tackle Eddie Goldman and safety Adrian Amos, both rookies, and the only defensive draft picks from this year.

He also mentioned cornerback Kyle Fuller.

"We need him [Fuller] to take the next step and keep improving to where he becomes a very competent corner in the league and one we have a lot of confidence in, and that's happened as this season has gone on," Fangio said.

"There was some question early in the season about his confidence," Fangio said. "But, like I said then, you have to make some plays to get some confidence. You can't take a confidence pill or go see a sports psychologist. You have to experience it. He started making some good plays and playing better and feeling better about himself, learning more about what we want to do."

Eddie Goldman was of course added to the team's Injured Reserve list on Wednesday, as he has a sprained right ankle that wouldn't have been healed up in time to play this weekend. He's still only 21 years old, and as Mel Kiper, Jr. called him, "A big puppy".

Goldman and Amos will most definitely be building blocks for Fangio-- or whoever the defensive coordinator in Chicago is next season-- and we can hope for next year to also be the year that Kyle Fuller really blossoms.

Stay tuned...