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Chicago Bears top-10 Undrafted Free Agents

The Chicago Bears team site released their top-10 undrafted free agent signings through the years. See any names they left off?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It's always exciting to find a diamond among the rough, and in general manager Ryan Pace's first year, he made some significant additions to the Chicago Bears roster that included some undrafted free agent signings.  Among the slew of UDFA's, two that stuck were linebacker Jonathan Anderson and linebacker John Timu.

Recently, the Bears team website listed out their top-10 undrafted free agent signings of all-time. It's a slideshow, so here is what they said:

#10- WR Rashied Davis

#9- LB Nick Roach

#8- DL Israel Idonije

#7- LB Brendan Ayanbadejo

#6- RB James Allen

#5- WR Tom Waddle

#4- DL Adewale Ogunleye

#3- OT James "Big Cat' Williams

#2- C Jay Hilgenberg

#1- K Robbie Gould

All of these players deserve recognition, but it made me go back through the years to see who else was out there that contributed.

The first player I thought of that wasn't on this list was defensive back Leslie Frazier. While Frazier's career was shortened due to blowing out his knee during Super Bowl XX, he was a solid contributor to the secodary and special teams units, and led the team in interceptions during the historic 1985 season.

Another name is wide receiver Dennis McKinnon. While not an elite player, McKinnon contributed significantly to the Bears from 1983- 1989, and during that span scored 21 touchdowns.

Lastly, offensive lineman John Wojciechowski. Woj spent seven seasons on the Bears offensive line, playing in 92 games, with 39 starts.

Any other UDFA's you can think of that are worth noting? Should I have mentioned quarterback Mike Tomczak?