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The Bears Den: December 4, 2015 - Is Kevin White going to play this year?

Join us below for the latest from Halas Hall!

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The Chicago Bears really would have benefited from a Green Bay Packers loss last night on Thursday Night Football-- but of course, the Lions couldn't manage to hold on even with a 20-0 score in their favor at one point.  Regardless, Chicago's playoff chances start with their own success, and they've got an opportunity to stay in the hunt with a win over the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.

Speaking of playoffs, as you'll see below, there's starting to be some discussions about rookie wide receiver Kevin White. He seems to be doing good in individual drills, showing his 'burst' on the field and getting the itch to play. He's still never even practiced against an NFL defense yet, but if he's truly healing up the way it appears, he may be ready to make a run if the Bears can back-end into the playoffs.

We'll have more coverage from that angle throughout the day, but for now let's take a look at some headlines from Halas Hall:

- Jay Cutler has high praise for Kevin White and Marc Mariani. (LINK)

- White is itching to play after going through individual drills. (LINK)

- Mariani is quickly becoming a dependable option for the Bears offense. (LINK)

- Kyle Long finally over hurdle and can give game tickets to his trash man. (LINK)

- Adam Gase okay with not getting Niners job, says Chicago was perfect for him. (LINK)

- Pernell McPhee wants Bears fans to keep their playoff schedules open. (LINK)

- McPhee also says it's time for the defense to finally stop the run. (LINK)

- Great breakdown on what to watch for in the Bears- Niners game. (LINK)

- The Super Bowl Shuffle debuted 30 years ago yesterday. (LINK)

- Marquess Wilson didn't practive Thursday due to a foot injury. (LINK)

- Martellus Bennett's rift with the Bears is becoming annoying to hear about. (LINK)

- Speaking of Bennett, here's a tight end you might want to keep an eye on in the Draft. (LINK)

Stay tuned to WCG for continued coverage of your Chicago Bears!