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The Bears Den: December 7, 2015 - Chicago Bears news and updates

Join us below for the latest headlines out of Halas Hall...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears entered Sunday needing a win over the San Francisco 49ers in order to remain serious contenders for a potential NFC playoff berth. The Bears had won three of their last four games, and had every reason to believe that, in front of a home crowd at Soldier Field, they would be able to dispose of a reeling 49ers team.

Unfortunately, the Bears fell apart, and at the end of the day couldn't execute.  The Niners dropped the Bears, effectively ending their playoff hopes for this season (more on that to come).

Let's take a look at some recent headlines:

- It was a simple miscommunication on defense that led to the final scoring play for San Francisco. (LINK)

- The Bears are still among the horde of mediocre teams in NFL. (LINK)

- Bears split running game three ways to get biggest rushing game in last several years. (LINK)

- Matt Forte and Jeremy Langford okay with splitting rushing duties. (LINK)

- Willie Young up, Jay Cutler down in loss to San Francisco. (LINK)

- Robbie Gould says this loss falls directly on his shoulders. (LINK)

- Jay Cutler went through concussion protocol after vicious sack on Sunday. (LINK)

- That's what we get for starting to believe in the Chicago Bears. (LINK)

Stay tuned for more Chicago Bears coverage as the day rolls along...