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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Cowboys vs Redskins

Join us below for all your MNF action!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a worse division in football than the NFC East?  Maybe the AFC South... Maybe.  But probably not.  Tonight, the Washington Redskins (5-6) take on the Dallas Cowboys (3-8) in what will be an underwhelming match-up, but an important one.

Currently, Washington sits atop the East, one game ahead of the 5-7 Philadelphia Eagles. If the Redskins lose, I think they remain the #1 seed due to a Week 4 victory over Philadelphia, but the Philadelphia Eagles will also be right there at 5-7 (Washington also beat them once earlier in the season).

So the NFC East is a hot mess right now, but three of them are currently seeded above the Bears in the NFC playoff picture. It's worth noting that the Redskins play the Bears next week.

So if they lost to Dallas tonight, they fall to 5-7, and if the Bears beat them next week, the Bears jump ahead of them from a seeding perspective. More on the NFC playoff picture tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy Monday Night Football.