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The Bears Den: February 12, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

So, a bear and a rabbit were taking a dump next to one another in the woods, and the bear asks the rab- wait, I probably can't tell that joke here.

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Bears are too old, time to rebuild - Is-Hub Arkush: Here is a harsh reality the Bears, Ryan Pace, John Fox and all Bears fans need to face. They are one of the oldest teams in the league.

Bears mailbag - Brad Biggs' readers' Q&As on the likelhood of the Bears trading Matt Forte or Jared Allen, the state of the Bears' defense, and which linebackers will likely be on the roster next season.

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Brandon Marshall

Plays that shaped the Bears' season - Michael C. Wright: No. 3: Brandon Marshall's injuries in the Bears' Week 14 loss to Dallas forced him out of the final three games, and now there are questions as to whether the Bears should bring him back in 2015.

No assurances for Marshall from new regime - Rich Campbell: Brandon Marshall met with Ryan Pace and John Fox on Jan. 21 and understood why they assured him nothing about his future with the team, given their priority to finalize the coaching staff.

Marshall wants to stay a Bear, not sure if he will - Patrick Finley: Receiver knows it's all part of the business, while brushing off a Don Banks article which speculates that he may have worn out his welcome with a third NFL team.

[Video] - Is-Hub and not-Hub Arkush discuss whether or not the Bears would cut Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall this offseason.

[Video] SportsTalk Live - Will Brandon Marshall be back with the Bears?

Bears doing good things - Larry Mayer: Brandon Marshall announced Wednesday that his foundation is donating $50,000 to Lurie Children Hospital's mental health awareness program.

[Video] - Brandon Marshall addresses the media following speaking with the students of Tilden Career Community Academy about the purpose of his foundation, Project 375, and his efforts to end the stigma around mental illnesses.


Bears hire Wilkerson as assistant - Larry Mayer: The Bears on Wednesday reached an agreement with former NFL center Ben Wilkerson to become their assistant O-line coach.  Moon MullinBears add more experience to staff.

Roster analysis: Cornerbacks - Not-Hub Arkush takes a look at free agents the Bears could pursue at the corner position, where Kyle Fuller and Tim Jennings are expected to return as starters.

[Video] ESPN - Michael C. Wright: Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman likely eyeing Bears exits.

[Video] - Josh Norris talks about players the Bears could target in the draft.

Photos - "The Chicago Bears would like to wish a happy 30th birthday to receiver Ryan Mundy." [Well, at least that would explain why the safety play wasn't good. - Den]

[Video] Inside the Bears - The very best of 'Big Guys in Compact Cars.' Willie Young, Jared Allen, Will Sutton and more relive their best moments riding along with Anthony Adams.

Polish sausage

First impressions - Greg Gabriel: A look at why the combine is so important for underclassmen, as an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on GMs, coaches, and scouts.

Jack Bechta: The Agent's Journal - Musings on the Combine: What players really think and more.

Draft preview - Mike Mayock unveils his initial position-by-position rankings for the 2015 NFL Draft.  Jim CorbettRebirth of the first-round tailbacks?

Know thy enemy: Packers - Colin J. Liotta: Why might 2015 be a better year for Green Bay?

Know thy enemy: Lions - Daniel Williams: Lions fans braved many seasons of misery, but now the team has finished 11-5 and has some major pieces to carry them into the playoffs next season.

Ex-Bear news - (AP): Buccaneers terminate the contract of Josh McCown, who went 1-10 as a starter and had the second-lowest passer rating in the NFL after signing a two-year, $10 million contract last winter.


The show must go on.