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Happy Valentine's Day from Windy City Gridiron!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we put our heads together for some Bears-themed valentines. Enjoy!

Today's Valentine's Day, which is usually a day to spend with your husband/wife/significant other or other term of endearment (except bae, because just no). And usually, that involves flowers, chocolate, maybe a home-cooked meal, maybe going out, or something to that effect.

We here at WCG have one of the best graphics people on the Internet in David Taylor (the artist formerly known as Smudgers), and we also have a deep love for the Bears. So we put our heads together for a little Valentine's Day fun (and if there were a way to succinctly say "Everybody contributed," well, everybody did). That leads to today's installments in WCG's One Stop Shop feature, seven Valentines dedicated to our Chicago Bears.

I'll just say - Hallmark, eat your heart out.

Have a creative idea for a Bears-related photoshop and/or illustration? Send David an email and let him know your ideas. If they pass through his extensive multi-step approval process and get published, you'll get credit in the post.

Be sure to check out other One Stop 'Shops, and follow David on Facebook and Twitter.