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2015 NFL Combine: Full Schedule for Thursday, Feb 19th (Open Thread)

The NFL Combine is underway and Windy City Gridiron is the place to talk about how these draft prospects would best fit in with the Chicago Bears.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine kicked of yesterday and Chicago Bears' fans got to hear from both head coach John Fox and general manager Ryan Pace. In case you missed any of their press conferences, we recapped both of them here (Fox presser) and here (Pace presser). There are still some coaches and GMs that haven't spoken and you can find the full schedule for those right here.

You can catch a lot of the combine coverage on the NFL Network and has a dedicated NFL Combine Page.

Here is today's schedule for the day 1 arrivals, specialists, offensive linemen and tight ends.

NFLPA Meeting ~ Psychological Testing ~ PK/ST Workout ~ Bench Press ~ Interviews

Here is today's schedule for the day 2 arrivals, quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs.

Measurements ~ Medical Examinations ~ Media ~ Interviews

Today is the 3rd day of the combine so the defensive linemen and linebackers will arrive and here's their schedule for today.

Travel to Indianapolis* ~ Registration ~ Hospital Pre-Exam & X-rays ~ Orientation ~ Interviews

Tomorrow the defensive backs will arrive in Indianapolis.

Here's the full schedule for the NFL combine.

Keep in mind this in an open thread, so it is rated WCG-MA.