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Super Bowl 50 odds: Seahawks the early favorites, Bears at 50-1

Super Bowl 49 is in the books, so of course we have some early odds for Super Bowl 50. There are no big surprises, but if you're so inclined to place a wager, you may find a play that suits you.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last season after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 47, the early odds favored Seattle winning back to back titles. The eventual Super Bowl 49 winning New England Patriots opened up at 14-1, which were the 4th best odds at that time.

The Chicago Bears, coming off an exciting eight win, Marc Trestman led 2013 season, opened up at 25-1 odds.

With the Patriots winning their 4th Super Bowl in the Brady/Belichick era last night, the early odds have them as the number two favorite at 6-1, behind the Seahawks, who open at at 5-1.

The Chicago Bears, with a brand new coaching staff in place open up at 50-1.

Here are some early odds for Super Bowl 50.

Seahawks: 5-1
Patriots: 6-1
Packers: 7-1
Broncos: 8-1
Cowboys: 12-1
Eagles: 16-1
Colts: 16-1
Lions: 25-1
Saints: 25-1
Rams: 25-1
49ers: 25-1
Cardinals: 25-1
Steelers: 25-1
Ravens: 25-1
Bengals: 25-1
Texans: 30-1
Chargers: 30-1
Chiefs: 30-1
Giants: 30-1
Panthers: 30-1
Falcons: 30-1
Dolphins: 30-1
Bears: 50-1
Vikings: 50-1
Bills: 50-1
Browns: 50-1
Washington: 100-1
Jets: 100-1
Buccaneers: 200-1
Titans: 300-1
Jaguars: 300-1
Raiders: 300-1

Any Bears fans out there planning to get in on some 50-1 action?