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2015 NFL Combine: Full Schedule for Saturday, Feb 21st (Open Thread)

The offensive linemen have left Indianapolis, but that means it's the quarterbacks', running backs', and wide receivers' turns at the skill drills.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Today at the combine means the offensive linemen and specialists have wrapped up and are heading home, and the quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers take their turns at the drills. Let's check out the full schedule for those groups still at Indy.

You can catch a lot of the combine coverage on the NFL Network and has a dedicated NFL Combine Page with a live stream of the event as well.

Here's the schedule for the Day 2 arrivals (Wide receivers, quarterbacks, running backs):

On-Field Workout (timing, stations, skill drills) ~ Departure from Indianapolis

Here's the schedule for the Day 3 arrivals (Defensive linemen, linebackers):

NFLPA Meeting ~ Psychological Testing ~ PK/ST Workout ~ Bench Press ~ Interviews

And for the Day 4 arrivals (Defensive backs):

Measurements ~ Medical Examinations ~ Media ~ Interviews

This is your Open Thread for today's happenings at the Combine. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).