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The Bears Den: February 24, 2015 - NFL Combine Chicago Bears news & notes

"October 14, 1984; St. Louis; Jeff Fisher fields a punt against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium."

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Bears' transition to 3-4 defense creates long list of needs - Rich Campbell:  Different on-field responsibilities require different types of players at certain positions in the front seven, so the Bears have a lot of homework to do before free agency and the draft.

Time to move on from Tillman, Briggs - James Neveau: Keeping Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs around for what would mostly be sentimental reasons is a waste of money and roster spaces that could be used on developing new players.

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Landon Collins may be worth a deep look from Bears - Dan Wiederer: Alabama safety's stock elevated by lack of talent at that position group in this draft class.  Greg GabrielCombine notebook: edge rushers.

Shelton best nose tackle option for Bears - Bob LeGere: There are plenty of candidates if the Bears decide to draft a big-bodied, run-stuffing nose tackle to anchor their new 3-4 alignment, but none better than Washington's 339-pound Danny Shelton.

Nose tackle class presents draft options for Bears - Rich Campbell: Danny Shelton (Washington), Eddie Goldman (Florida State) and Jordan Phillips (Oklahoma) stand out to ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay. David Just: What McShay had to say about Bears' potential picks.

Hurtt 'like a father figure' to Maudlin - Larry Mayer: Lorenzo Maudlin defeated astronomical odds to become an NFL prospect thanks in part to the help he received from Bears assistant coach Clint Hurtt at Louisville.

McMahon fires back at Hampton - David Just: Dan Hampton, who was critical of the Bears all season, spoke positively of Jay Cutler in an interview but had nothing nice to say about former teammate Jim McMahon.

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NFL Combine - Joel KlattTop five players at each position ... Steven RuizFive players who boosted their stock ... Chris KormanFive who hurt their stock ... Dane BruglerFive things to know from Monday's DB drills.

NFL teams amassing scientific data, but what does it mean? - Tom Pelissero: Football's sports science revolution continues to accelerate but now comes the tricky part: figuring out what exactly all the numbers mean.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Jason B. Hirschhorn: Adrian Peterson will be too expensive to keep on the roster and unlikely to take a pay cut. Could he land with Dallas?  Jason La CanforaTension rises between AP's agent, Vikings exec in Indy,