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The Bears Den: February 09, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Is this one of those Bears items to be found on Etsy that Kev uncovered?

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Roster analysis: Defensive ends - Not-Hub Fishbain takes a look at which free agents might draw the Bears' interest, in the event that they transition to a 3-4 under Vic Fangio.  Jared DubinBears among potential landing spots for Greg Hardy.

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Bears mailbag - Is-Hub Arkush answers questions about Jared Allen's potential fit in a 3-4, Christian Jones' scheme versatility, Brandon Marshall's future with the team, and the reasoning for undergoing a total rebuild.

Bears mailbag, part 2 - Is Hub-Arkush with more readers' Q&As about a potential switch to the 3-4 defense, the safety position, and rookie QBs and running backs.

[Video] - Is-Hub Arkush previews free agency for the Bears.

NFC North offseason - Maggie Hendricks: The Bears will focus on rebuilding the defense while figuring out if Jay Cutler is the man to lead them on offense, and whether to bring back Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs.

Keeping Cutler hardly feels like fresh Bears start - Barry Rozner: Conventional wisdom suggests the Bears will keep Jay Cutler for at least one more season so he can mope around, displaying his boredom and generally Cutler all over everyone and everything, as the team struggles.

Bears doing good things - Jared Dubin: Jared Allen on hand to welcome home U.S. veteran he called his "hero" in a tweet.

Polish sausage

NFL draft will be worth the inconvenience for Chicago - David Haugh: Unless the league stipulates Mel Kiper Jr needs a personal hair stylist or Jameis Winston wants catered crab legs, nothing on the NFL's wish list sounds excessive or surprising.

Combine Time - Greg Gabriel: It's an exciting time of year for just about everyone involved in football; it isn’t just about the draft, it’s about how your favorite team will look next season.

How do NFL teams really cheat? - Matt Bowen: Professionals aren't supposed to bend the rules and look for cracks in the shield to gain even the smallest of advantages. People want to think the game is perfectly clean. But we all know it isn't.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Rob Demovsky: Mike McCarthy pondering staff structure, considering giving up play-calling duties ... Not afraid to change.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Ben Goessling: A brief primer on what to expect in the Adrian Peterson hearing as the NFLPA attempts to get him reinstated immediately.  Brian HallWants to be with Vikings in 2015.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Jared Dubin: Ndamukong Suh reportedly wants to sign with Seahawks, but Seattle's salary cap situation with impending new contracts for Russell Wilson, among others, makes it unlikely to happen.


Quel coincidence. Things you learn from WCG's Facebook feed: Riccardo Muti is music director at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.