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Jay Cutler will be the Chicago Bears QB in 2015

Jay Cutler will be lining up under center for the Chicago Bears in 2015.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Love him or hate him, according to multiple sources, Jay Cutler will be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 2015.

Despite throwing 3,812 yards, 28 touchdowns and a 88.6% passer rating last season, many fans want Jay Cutler out of Chicago. Sure, his 18 interceptions (on top of the countless "almost interceptions" for which he is king) are a thorn in Bears fan's paws.

But, no matter what side of the Cutler fence you find yourself, it appears that he'll be back under center next season. And most likely the following year as $10 million of his 2016 contract becomes fully guaranteed should he be on the roster this Friday, March 13th.

In my opinion, it would be foolish to believe that John Fox, or newly re-united OC Adam Gase, will come in and clean up Jay's techniques (or sideline demeanor) and make him the next Tom Brady. At this stage of Cutler's career, it probably isn't in the cards.

At age 31, we know what we have in Jay. In my opinion, he's an average QB with an enormous ego and one of the best arms in the game. He can make an amazing throw one play and then turn around and commit a costly turnover the next. Both due mostly to the fact that he believes in his arm and believes that he can fit the ball in any window - no matter how small or non-existent.

Since it appears that we're all aboard the Jay train for the foreseeable future, use the comments section below and sound off.