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Jay Cutler is still the Chicago Bears' quarterback

Team officially says it during press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Buckle up:

As many expected, the embattled quarterback is the current plan to helm the Chicago Bears for the 2015 season.

Coming off a season that saw him post a career high in completion percentages and TDs, as well as lead the league in turnovers, it was rumored that the Bears were looking to move Cutler via trade, or possibly cut him outright. Not true, according to GM Ryan Pace:

If that's true, I have a bridge for you.

That said, he's got the support of his offensive teammates, which is arguably more important than that of the fans:

We now know largely what the makeup of the team will be, and knowing John Fox's history, he will do what he can to maximize the talent the Bears have. This may be where we finally see the offense cater more to his mistakes - limit the field, get him out of the pocket and moving, and work the play action. Gase is of the Martz mold, though, so we'll see. Perhaps the lack of locker room drama will help, also.

Like it, love it, or hate it, we now have a full answer moving forward. #6 will be leading the Chicago Bears in 2015. And likely 2016, as his guaranteed money kicks in tomorrow.