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2015 NFL Free Agency: Chicago Bears News and Rumors for Sunday, March 15

Day Six of Free Agency could continue the Bears' current holding pattern of waiting out the market, or it could result in a signing or two. Only one way to find out.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Let's hit the new developments that may or may not directly impact the Bears:

  • Ron Parker is back to the Chiefs on a 5 year, $30 million deal. It seems a little high, and I'm okay with that not being the price the Bears pay to have Parker.
  • Also in safeties, the Ravens took Kendrick Lewis for a three-year deal
  • The Titans took Parrish Cox off the market. Cox would have been an interesting depth and/or co-starter option, but might have involved too much money to mix with Kyle Fuller and Tim Jennings.
  • Brad Biggs theorized Samson Satele could be a Bears option, and Aaron Leming brought up Kenrick Ellis. Nothing substantial there, however.

So unless you count Ben Roethlisberger's big extension, there's not a whole lot else going on Bears-wise. We'll keep our eye on things, of course, per usual, and if anything happens, we'll be all over it.

This is your Open Thread for today's free agency shenanigans (we have lots of goofy stuff on the walls, and mozzarella sticks). As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).