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The Bears Den: March 30, 2015 - Offseason Chicago Bears news & notes

Sep 28, 1969; St. Louis, MO: Brian Piccolo (41) in action against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium during the 1969 season.

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John Fox bringing '10-80-10' leadership plan to Bears - Moon Mullin: '10 percent of the guys that are doing it right all the time. The key, though, is to get that 10 to go down and get the 80 to see it being done right so they can climb up to the 10.'

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Bears show true colors with Ray McDonald signing - Barry Rozner: The Bears know they are untouchable. Just spare us the pretense that a decision is made for reasons other than winning games or making money.

Bad news if you're tired of the Cutler narrative - Rich Campbell: The national media's focus on Jay Cutler in 2015 will intensify because the Bears once again have a big-name coach.

Fox has seen more done with less - Moon Mullin: John Fox made it to Super Bowls without true "elite" QBs (Jake Delhomme in Carolina, Kerry Collins in New York), and he's not dwelling on what his presumptive 2015 starter isn’t.

Bears mailbag - Michael C. Wright's readers' Q&As on Ray McDonald, why Kyle Long won't be moving to center, and the draft ... part 2WRs, Randy Gregory's failed drug test, trading Matt Forte.

Briggs to meet with 49ers - Patrick Finley: Lance Briggs is likely to leave the only franchise he’s ever known — and it might be for the closest thing to his hometown team.   Vaughn McClureTampa, Cowboys also interested.

Draft preview - Lance Zierlein's top-five positions of need for all 32 teams: For the Bears, it's OLB, NT, OL, S, WR.  Mock draftsKevin WhiteDanny SheltonDanny Shelton.

2016 free agent class - Nate Davis: Potential No. 1 receiver Alshon Jeffery is plenty big (6-3, 216) but must show he can still produce with Brandon Marshall no longer around to draw the opposition's top corner.

Football Outsiders - A look at short yardage plays on third down, both on offense (Bears rank 20th by DVOA) and on defense (Bears ranked 10th by DVOA and 2nd in stop percentage, but 24th in average yards conceded).

Polish sausage

Draft preview - Greg Gabriel looks at the top 5 inside linebackers in the draft.  Pro days notebook, pt.3Shane Ray's agility and position drills disappoint.


Saw this potential future Mrs Spongie perform at the Kentish Town Forum when she was promoting her first album.  It was a chilly November evening and evidently it must have been cold backstage, too; I was three rows from the front and she nearly had my eye out :-D