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Should the Chicago Bears sign Vince Wilfork?

With the Chicago Bears switching to a 3-4 defense, they will probably turn to free agency to assist the change. Could an experienced interior presence like Vince Wilfork help that change?

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Early this morning five time Pro Bowl defensive lineman Vince Wilfork issued the following statement.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Morning guys ... Please read below this will be my only statement <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Vince Wilfork (@wilfork75) <a href="">March 5, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Could the now former New England Patriots nose tackle/defensive tackle/defensive end, fit in with the Chicago Bears' new 3-4 defense?

I think that's a no brainier, but should the Bears make an offer to a 325 poundish, 33 year old, who is one year removed from a serious Achilles injury?

I think they should.

Wilfork has experience playing up and down a defensive line and his immense girth makes him extremely tough against the run. He would give defensive coordinator Vic Fangio a movable chess piece to play 2 gap any where along the defensive front. Plus he would bring all the intangibles of a 2 time Super Bowl Champ to a locker room in need of some leadership.

Here are a few snippets from;

Wide receiver Brandon LaFell is in his first season playing with Wilfork and is quick to praise him.

"Man, that's the big dog, man," LaFell said. "When the big dog talks everybody listens. He's a guy that carries himself well, works his butt off every day in practice and the weight room, man. And he just got a lot of knowledge for you."

That's something you hear a lot from Wilfork's teammates. Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly, who's one of Wilfork's co-captains, says he sets an example.

"Vince is a great leader on that D-line and just on the defense in general," he said. "He's the guy that everyone respects. He always does his job."

Long-term success in the NFL usually involves in-depth study. Brady is often held up as a model of meticulous preparation. But Patriots linebackers coach Patrick Graham says Wilfork's in the same class.

"I know Vince watches enough tape that he could challenge the coaches. It's a remarkable thing to be around a player like that. It helps you become a better coach," he said. "Coach one of the best defensive tackles that have played in this league. It's a great privilege."

Patriots safety Devin McCourty says Wilfork's part as a role model has always extended beyond the playing field.

"Vince has been like a big brother to me, as far as being able to teach me a lot about football, a lot about life," McCourty said.

The Patriots didn't cut him because he couldn't play any more, they cut him to save about $8 million. I think there's still a chance he ends up back in New England, but I think the 11 year veteran should at least see how the market shapes up.

Do you think the Bears should make him an offer?