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What is the biggest need of the Chicago Bears?

After a number of free agent signings, the Chicago Bears' roster is starting to fill out. There's still plenty of work to do for GM Ryan Pace, so what would you say is Chicago's biggest need right now?

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Back in January, before NFL free agency kicked off, we asked you guys to vote on the top three needs for the Chicago Bears. Here's what you guys told us back then.

1) Linebacker
2) Safety
3) Cornerback

After a few weeks of spending, Bears general manager Ryan Pace has already hit on all three needs.

According to Spotrac, the Bears still have just under $6 million in remaining cap space once you factor in the rookie pool. That's not much, but it's enough to add a couple more 1 year prove-it type deals if someone comes available. Plus the Bears are still rumored to be kicking the tires on a few veteran centers.

But as for Pace's work through about 90 days on the job...

Chicago addressed outside linebacker right out of the free agency gate with Pernell McPhee, by giving him a 5 year, $38,750,000 deal with $15,500,000 guaranteed. McPhee will bring an edge rushing presence to Chicago's new 3-4 defense.

Earlier today the Bears signed Sam Acho, late of the Arizona Cardinals, to what is expected to be a 1 year vet minimum salary. Acho has spent his entire NFL career working as a 3-4 OLB after being drafted as a defensive end from Texas.

They added inside linebacker Mason Foster on a 1 year $825,000 contract that included an $80,000 signing bonus. Foster immediately becomes the most experienced inside linebacker on the roster.

Ryan Pace addressed the 2nd need by adding a starting safety to the mix with a 3 year, $11,250,000 deal ($4,900,000 guaranteed) to Antrel Rolle. With Charles Tillman expected to play elsewhere in 2015, Rolle will add some leadership to Chicago's secondary.

The 3rd need was tackled by picking up corner Alan Ball last week on a 1 year, $3,000,000 deal with $1,000,000 guaranteed. That type of contract tells me the Bears envision Ball starting outside, or at the very least, playing when the Bears go to nickel.

Earlier today the Bears brought back corner Sherrick McManis on a 1 year deal, probably for the veteran minimum, and he'll add depth and special teams prowess to their roster.

When the Bears announced a move to a 30 front, 3-4 defensive end became an obvious need, but that was quickly addressed as well. Ray McDonald signed a 1 year deal worth $1,050,000 (no guaranteed money) and Jarvis Jenkins signed a 1 year contract worth $825,000 and $330,000 guaranteed.

For more on how Chicago's new 3-4 defense is shaping up personnel wise, and for some thoughts on the scheme you can click here.

Ryan Pace didn't neglect the offensive side of the ball in free agency. He brought back a couple of players to compete for tight end depth with 2014 preseason superstar Zach Miller (1 year, $660,000) and Dante Rosario (vet minimum deal expected). Also back in the fold is quarterback Jimmy Clausen (1 year, $1,125,000 with $262,500 guaranteed).

Offensive line depth was touched on by adding Vladimir Ducasse (1 year, $825,000 w/ $40,000 guaranteed), who has played the previous 5 seasons with the Jets and Vikings, making 11 total starts.

The Bears hope to have found a wide out that can thrive working from the slot when they gave Eddie Royal a 3 year deal worth $15,000,000, including $10 million guaranteed. Just yesterday the Bears added running back Jacquizz Rodgers on what is expected to be a veteran minimum 1 year deal.

Special teams was addressed by signing former Chief long snapper Thomas Gafford (1 year, $950,000 w/ $80,000 guaranteed).

EDIT: The Chicago Bears have signed center Will Montgomery

The Bears decided to move on from Roberto Garza, who has been a fixture on Chicago's offensive line for 10 years. The addition of Montgomery gets them a little younger at center and gives them a player that knows the new offense.

So now that we've caught you up on all of the Bears' signings, what do you think are the three biggest needs still remaining?

Do you think the Bears have set their draft up to go best player available?

Sound off in the comment section.