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Kyle Long on the current state of the Chicago Bears: "It is a different culture here"

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Earlier today Chicago Bears' offensive lineman Kyle Long was on the Rich Eisen Show riffing on a number of topics. They talked about the difference between the new coaching regime and the old Marc Trestman era, head coach John Fox's weight room prowess and how they now have a group of man's men in the locker room.

Here's a transcript from some of their conversation.

Rich Eisen: Before I turn the page with you, why didn't it work the last couple years in Chicago? If you could put a fine point on it.

Kyle Long: Well, obviously we need to score more points than the other team and defensively, we need to allow less points than we're scoring. That's the basics of it. If we can't play defense, if we can't play offense, or special teams, good things aren't going to happen. I feel like we have the right people in the building now to achieve that. It's been very evident to us the past few days here in our first two OTAs that it is a different culture here.

Rich Eisen: How so?

Kyle Long: Man, it is almost like you don't feel like -- the guys that we're playing for now are just older versions of us. They understand what we're going through. They have empathy towards us. Yeah, we are going to be in the building but they know what having a family's like when you're playing. They know what having a girlfriend's like or being single's like for some guys.

I think they do a great job of balancing work and your life outside of football. Also, they're football guys. They're crazy about it. I'm in the weight room today and John Fox is hitting bicep curls next to me, talking smack, telling me to put weight on the bar. I think we got the right guys in the building.

Rich Eisen: What was he curling? 20s? 25s? What was he doing?

Kyle Long: I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was curling some 50s.

Rich Eisen: That a boy. Wow. Fox doing 50? Come on, let's be honest.

Kyle Long: This is after his cardio workout.

Rich Eisen: He's got the new ticker. We know that.

Kyle Long: He's looking great.

Rich Eisen: I know. I think Chicago is going to like him. Fox has got this way about him that I think fans there certainly with the last two coaches being a little bit of a stoic, that I think Chicago, that's again why people want to see out of Cutler in Chicago, they want that fire, Kyle. They want that zombie apocalypse.

Kyle Long: Way to go, man.

Rich Eisen: Don't you think?

Kyle Long: We can have that. I think we have enough personality in this locker room. I think we're at the personality capacity between Martellus Bennett, myself and a few others. John Fox adds to that. We got a group of guys, there's a bunch of man's men upstairs. They love football and everything that comes about with football. That's apparent here.

What are your thoughts on the convo?

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