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Are the Bears in the Market for a New Running Back?

The Bears could draft a running back at some point in the draft if they aren't sold on Ka'Deem Carey. Hub Arkush's latest mock has that happening far earlier than most think.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Forte's illustrious Bears career since being drafted in the second round of the 2008 draft has resulted in over 1,800 carries for 7,704 yards and another 443 receptions for 3,727 yards, with a combined 57 touchdowns.

Matt Forte is also about to enter his age 30 season and looking for one more payday after the final year of his contract ends, his eighth as a Bear.

It's with this in mind, along with the lack of clear successor behind Forte, and the lack of a proven battery mate that John Fox likes to employ, that has put the Bears on the running back market at some point in this draft.

Hub Arkush has the Bears doing something about that far earlier than most expect. With the seventh overall pick in the draft in his Mock Draft 3.0, Arkush selects... RB Todd Gurley.

7. Chicago - Georgia RB Todd Gurley - Surprise! But look at the tape. If the knee is sound and head is on straight, Gurley has the tools of a franchise back.

I agree the Bears could use Forte's successor-in-waiting, and Gurley seems like he'd be a fine NFL player, but I don't think the Bears are getting the best value out of the pick in this case, so chalk me up in the "unlikely to happen" column as far as this pick is concerned.

What are your thoughts on the running back position? How high of a pick would you spend on it?