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Chicago Bears 2015 schedule predictions: You make the call

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

By now you've now doubt seen the Chicago Bears 2015 schedule. If you haven't, first off shame on you -- What kind of a Bears fan are you anyway? -- and secondly, you can click here for not only Chicago's schedule, but also their strength of schedule, preseason schedule, off season dates and the Bears' training camp start date.

Before the schedule was even announced people were making predictions, but now that the schedule dropped, predictions are running wild.

I won't make my season prediction just yet, but that doesn't mean you guys can't. Take the poll then let us know in the comment section why you feel the way you do.

Keep this in mind when making your predictions however.

When John Fox took over for the Carolina Panthers, they had just finished up a one win season. Under Fox's leadership the Panthers improved to 7-9.

The year before Fox took over in Denver, the 2010 Broncos were 4-12. In Fox's first year at the helm, the Broncos improved to 8-8 and snuck into the playoffs.

The Bears won 5 games last year, if things go similarly to what Fox has done in the past, you would assume there would be some kind of improvement in wins.

Wouldn't you?