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Mocking The Mocks: Would you believe Leonard Williams falls to 7?

It's 2015 Mock Draft time! We'll do our best to pick out a few reputable mock draft sites, feature their Chicago Bears' selection, then ask you to tell us how they did. This time out we're taking a look at ESPN's Todd McShay Mock Draft 5.0.

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I'm on record in saying that Clemson outside linebacker Vic Beasley is my guy for the Chicago Bears in the 2015 NFL Draft.

I'd like to add a caveat to that.

If somehow USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams falls to the 7th pick, he'd become my new guy.

I think he's the safest prospect in the draft (high floor), but he also has the potential (high ceiling) be become an All Pro 3-4 defensive end.

While unlikely, you can never count out surprises in the draft. Sam went over a few scenario's last week when he spotlighted Williams as a possible Bears draft pick.

In the latest mock draft from ESPN's Todd McShay, he has Williams falling into the Bears' lap at 7. Here's what he had to say.

Analysis: To be clear: Williams dropping to No. 7 here has nothing to do with my opinion of him as a player. He's the No. 2 prospect on my board and I've had him ranked as one of the top players in this class since the preseason. But this scenario does show how he has the potential to drop a little bit if he gets out of the top two picks based on the needs of teams picking third through seventh. He wouldn't fill a huge need for the Bears, but at this point he's too good of a value for them to pass up, especially given how bad their defense has been the last two seasons. The Chicago Bears ranking 31st in the league in scoring defense? That's just not right. Williams is an impact run-stopper and above-average interior pass-rusher who can play multiple roles in different schemes. If Williams isn't available here, then WR Kevin White would be the pick.

Here's how McShay has his top 6 picks going; Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Dante Fowler Jr., Amari Cooper, Shane Ray and Todd Gurley. I can see the top 4 teams going just like that, but the Redskins at 5 and Jets at 6 are two teams to may snatch up Williams.

If this mock draft scenario played out for the Bears, would you take Williams or a different prospect?